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LR1130 Battery Equivalent: AG10, RW49, G10, GP89A, LR54

Last updated: May 20, 2023
lr1130 Battery Equivalent

The LR1130 battery is commonly used in electronic devices such as computers, watches, toys, etc. This alkaline material alkaline battery ensures long-lasting use of the battery and does not leak water or affect the device. Users can use the Battery LR1130 equivalent more economically than conventional batteries. 

LR1130 Battery: Technical Features And Specifications 

The LR1130 Battery is small.  It resembles a coin cell since its height is considerably less than its diameter. These objects are frequently referred to as tablets, coins, or buttons due to their minuscule size and shape. 

A manganese-alkaline battery is one such type of battery. The negative electrode is represented by a little round base with a somewhat lower diameter, and the battery box represents the positive electrode. The term “alkaline battery” describes the presence of alkali in the electrolyte. Different types of batteries show outstanding characteristics such as height, diameter, voltage, and capacity. Here are some battery specifications of the LR130.

Basic IndicationsLR1130
MaterialElemental silver-zinc
Wattage44 – 68 mAh
Voltage1.55 volts
SimilarCR2430 RW49, V10GA, LR54, AG10, G10, GP89A
Shapecoin or tablet
Height3.1 mm
Diameter11.6 mm
The table features of the LR1130 battery

What Is The LR1130 Battery Equivalent?

The small alkaline batteries with these specifications are not offered in a single copy. There are analogs to the LR1130 Battery that is produced by various businesses and has an alphanumeric sign. 

Brands of silver oxide batteries that are the most well-known include 389, V10GA, AG10, RW49, G10, GP89A, and LR54. While some analogs are slightly less expensive, they are neither stronger nor less durable when it comes to extra batteries. As a result, if the retailer doesn’t have a battery marked LR1130, any similar can be used in its stead.

Equivalent BatteryBrandVoltageCapacityDiameter x HeightAmazon Price
AG10Swatch, Energizer, Maxell, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony1.5 V190 mAh11.6 x 3.0 mmCheck price
389Energizer, Maxell, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony1.5 V190 mAh11.6 x 3.0 mmCheck price
V10GAVarta1.5 V190 mAh11.6 x 3.0 mmCheck price
LR54Camelion, GP, Renata, Sony1.5 V190 mAh11.6 x 3.0 mmCheck price
GP89AGP1.5 V190 mAh11.6 x 3.0 mmCheck price
RW49Energizer1.5 V190 mAh11.6 x 3.0 mmCheck price
G10Renata1.5 V190 mAh11.6 x 3.0 mmCheck price

What Is The LR1130 Used For?

This kind of battery is an ordinary alkaline button battery that is utilized often in daily life. Electronic watches were where they initially saw usage. These days, they are frequently found in tiny gadgets like watches, laptops, MP3 players, LED lights, laser pointers, video games, and music books. 

This battery is tiny and easy for kids to swallow, which might result in chemical or thermal burns. Therefore, keep these products away from young children.

Where To Buy LR1130 Batteries?

Before buying batteries at the store, you must determine the following factors to ensure quality goods:

  • Characteristics.  The specifications must be precisely the same.
  • Sign. Each manufacturer will seal letters and numbers on their products to prevent counterfeiting.
  • Production time. Although these batteries have a long shelf life (up to 12 years), purchasing a more recent model is preferable.
  • When purchasing the item, ensure the battery is in good condition and won’t be harmed by usage or being scratched, damaged, or corroded.

Many electronic devices use the LR1130 Battery, which is extremely popular. So, you may purchase it from various retailers or battery manufacturers. Remember that you must select reputed quality brands to guarantee the Battery’s quality and reduce operating danger.

Most LR1130 batteries are produced by the same battery manufacturer and dispersed to retail outlets. As a result, they are all the same in terms of design and quality.

LR1130 Battery vs CR1130 Battery

LR1130 Battery vs CR1130 Battery

The LR1130 Battery and the CR1130 Battery, known as lithium manganese-dioxide batteries, are essentially similar, and typically the LR1130 Battery is labeled as the CR1130 Battery. The battery length diameter voltage is around 11.5 mm x 3.0 mm, and the voltage ranges from 2.8 Volt to 3.0 Volt Battery.

The CR1130 alkaline button battery can easily fit into the battery compartment of the LR1130 tray because of their similar size. Still, they are not a direct replacement for the LR1130 Battery. The gadget will be harmed if the Battery is changed because the two devices have different voltages. So, you need to reference battery experts to ensure safe installation.


Does Energizer 389 Replace LR1130?

Yes, about the LR1130 battery replacement, even though the currents of the two batteries differ, they can still be replaced together. Additionally, you can utilize the 389 Battery to swap out the LR1130 Battery as necessary. 

Are LR44 And LR1130 The Same?

Basically, both batteries appear to be almost the same size. However, the LR44 is thicker than the LR54 and has a greater volt battery than the LR1130 in terms of capacity. Overall, the two types of batteries mentioned above are distinct.


There are a variety of batteries, but the LR1130 is a popular battery and convenient battery utilized in numerous common devices. The preceding article provides information about the quality and application of the LR1130 Battery. The information above will be helpful to you. 

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