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Who Makes and Sells Silver/Gold AutoCraft Batteries? A Guide

Last updated: Apr 12, 2023
who sells autocraft batteries

Thousands of automotive batteries have been introduced since the early days of vehicles and cars. Nevertheless, not many have received as much buzz in recent years as AutoCraft – a battery rumored to increase your car’s efficiency by 70%. 

Is it true? Who sells AutoCraft batteries, and can you put 100% trust in their quality? Let’s explore the real answer with us. 

Who Makes and Sells AutoCraft Batteries? The Brand’s Brief History 

1. Who Sells Them?

The major and only AutoCraft distributor so far is Advance Auto Part, which also takes charge of the products’ related marketing and customer support.

Though some non-U.S. citizens might raise their eyebrows at the name, Advance Auto Part (AAP) is actually considered a household name in America, headquartered in the North Carolina region since 1932 (almost 90 years ago!).

Advance Auto Parts

After acquiring several smaller companies through million-dollar cash deals, it has become the biggest American automotive manufacturer and never left the spot to this day. 

By the time of this writing, the three main investor corporations for AAP are BlackRock, Vanguard Group, and State Street. 

With such an expansive reputation, it’s to be expected that most automobile products are assembled in AAP’s own plants. To our surprise, there are still exceptions: some products (including AutoCraft batteries, for instance) are imported from overseas instead. 

2. Who Makes Them?

Johnson Controls takes 100% responsibility for making and polishing AutoCraft batteries before their transportation to the U.S.

Johnson Controls

AAP only promotes, markets, and distributes these batteries on their websites – contrary to the popular assumption that they also take part in manufacturing. 

Where Can You Buy AutoCraft Batteries?

One competitive edge that makes AutoCraft deserve all the hype is its accessibility; you can find these batteries from any physical shop across the U.S.

Feel free to visit any retail showroom and branch in your neighborhood. The staff even have the batteries shipped to your doorstep if desired.

AutoCraft Batteries on shelves

For those preferring digital shopping, AAP’s official website is the go-to place for high-quality AutoCraft batteries – with 15 to 30% coupons on special occasions. 

Famous platforms like Walmart and Amazon are equally amazing, delighting their loyal customers with hundreds of coupons and discount programs! 

Are AutoCraft Batteries Good? The Pros and Cons of Each AutoCraft Battery Type 

1. Silver AutoCraft

Silver AutoCraft

Silver enjoys 110 min in reserve capacity and about 600 CCA (cold cranking amps). Since they are lead-acid batteries, ensure your car’s compatibility with them before spending money.

Overall, AutoCraft Silver is a terrific choice for car drivers in mild weather climates – a middle area between premium versions (Platinum/Gold and economic ones.)

Their affordable price tag is another lovely bonus, suitable for people seeking high-performing batteries without breaking the bank. 

But if you have large SUVs or Trucks, Gold will be a more fitting choice. Silver’s medium capacities are never designed to handle large vehicles. 


  • Great lifespan and consistent operation
  • Decent power distribution
  • Affordable 
  • Tailored for small/medium vehicle clutches and light trucks.


  • Cannot power larger automobiles

2. Gold AutoCraft

Gold AutoCraft

Definitely everyone’s favorite! AutoCraft Gold packs tons of class-leading capabilities and features for an extremely low price compared to other brands. 

For one, Gold’s CCA rate is 700A, allowing your car to start effortlessly under all types of weather. It’s aided by PowerFrame grids to ensure maximum resistance against corrosion and vibration, extending the battery’s lifespan to 66% longer than most commercial lead batteries. 

Better yet, its stringent and concentrated manufacturing process utilizes 20% gas reduction and 20% less fuel waste. The impressive average reserve capacity only adds more to the charm, making it one of the best choices for medium/large vehicles in harsh driving conditions.


  • Heavy-duty, long lifespan
  • Weather-resistant
  • Premium build
  • Versatile compatibility


  • A little pricey (compared to Silver) 

3. Platinum AutoCraft

Platinum AutoCraft

Wrapping up the collection is AutoCraft Platinum – a high-quality AGM battery with non-flooded designs to enable unrestricted battery mounting. 

With its impressive operational rates (70AH and 740 CCA), be confident that no climates or harsh weather conditions can make it malfunction.

Furthermore, its lifespan almost doubles any lead-acid variant, thanks to the super durable, 100% spill-proof AGM construction that withstands all stains and vibrations. The PowerFrame grids (similar to Gold, only better) provide 70% higher electricity flow, reducing corrosion to the maximum. 

This battery best matches offroading vehicles or aftermarket automobiles under higher-than-average power demand. Modern cars packed with high-grade electronics will work well with it, too. 


  • Long lifespan
  • Great power output
  • Impressive storage capacity
  • Working well with high-performing automobiles. 


  • Off-the-roof price tag, not a great choice for tight-budget customers
  • Professional assistance might be required for the setup and installation 

Verdict: Which One Is The Best?

Platinum is the clear winner performance-wise (the “Platinum” in its name is there for a reason). Sadly, its exorbitant price can be quite a discouragement for most average drivers. 

That’s why – despite being slightly inferior in capacities – Autocraft batteries Gold has seized the No.1 spot on AAP’s best-selling battery list. It’s also our team’s ultimate choice at the end of the day, a great balance of price and quality! 

How Long Do AutoCraft Batteries Last?

As the three AutoCraft variants share little in common regarding CCA, reserve capacity, and build, one should not expect their lifespans to be 100% identical! Here is a detailed breakdown: 

  • Silver: Built for small cars, they should be able to last to three years (maximum). 
  • Gold: Its high-quality construction allows the battery lifespan to fluctuate between five and six years. 
  • Platinum: Undoubtedly surpassing its two siblings in almost every aspect (except price competitiveness), these long-lasting batteries can reach seven years and beyond if well-maintained. 

Note that the exact number might change depending on your charging and usage rates. Higher frequencies mean more tear and wear, leading to shortened lifespans and risks of battery failure. 

Do Auto Batteries Have Warranty Periods?

Yes. The warranties for bad batteries are as follows: 

  • Autocraft Silver battery warranty: 2 years. While some drivers are content with 2-year policies, others argue they are barely enough. 
  • Gold: 3 years
  • Platinum: 3 years. Aside from defects, any mishaps or accidents due to dead batteries are fully covered by the brand, too. 

However, the following are excluded from the replacement warranty; you will have to shoulder them on your own: 

  • Charges for car rental
  • Towing fees
  • Assemblies/ travel expenses
  • Damages to the car’s other components/assemblies resulting from AutoCraft’s defects.

What Are Some Great Alternatives to AutoCraft Batteries? 

Consider turning to these brands if you cannot afford an AutoCraft: 

  • Everstart
  • Optima
  • ACDelco
  • Diehard
  • Duralast Gold


Who sells Autocraft gold, silver, and platinum batteries? We hope no lingering confusion keeps bothering you after this article. 

On another note, an insightful breakdown of each battery type is also introduced. Although Gold battery will always be our first pick, do not hesitate to pick the other two (especially Platinum) if they suit your needs better

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