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Where to Get Car Remote Battery Replaced Near Me? All to Know

Last updated: Apr 12, 2023
battery replaced near me

Keyless car ignition is a thousand times more convenient and seamless than traditional methods, but that does not mean there are no malfunction risks. After all, these fobs rely on batteries – and which battery can run forever?

Many of our readers have written us letters in frustration, expressing how they scour through the entire neighborhood and are still unable to find a good place for key fob battery replacement. No worries; our expert team has researched properly to help alleviate your headache. Let’s dive in! 

What Is A Car Remote or Keyless Entry? How Does It Work?

Keyless entry – as its name suggests – allows drivers to lock/unlock their base vehicles or handheld devices without a key inserted into the car doors.

Radio signals will transport to the fob whenever you get in and out of the car. The fob sends corresponding responses by relaying their codes to your automobile. 

Once your select vehicle identifies and recognizes those codes, they act accordingly to lock/unlock the door as you wish!

Where to Get Car Remote Battery Replaced? Five Popular Services

Head to the nearest Keyless Shop, AutoZone, Buffalo Mobile, Batteries Plus, or Key Way Lock store!

1. Keyless Shop

Keyless Shop

For years, Keyless Shop has always been everyone’s favorite go-to place whenever fob batteries are urgently needed. 

This industry leader features remotes and car keys for hundreds of models, including all-too-familiar household labels like Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Honda, and other plug-in hybrid models.

Through its 16 outlets across eight USA states, Keyless Shop delivers programming and cutting services for car keys, key remote features, and transponder/chip/smart keys. 

Better yet, its new locksmith service has just started running; anytime you are stuck with remote/fob issues, contact Keyless, and they will send a locksmith technician to your home in a blink! 

Keep in mind, though, that this service is currently only available in selected shops. We hope future news about its extension will arrive at our door soon! 

2. AutoZone


Another amazing option for quick and efficient car key battery replacements. With more than 6000 branches, AutoZone is indeed among the best automotive dealers for car parts, batteries, and tons of other accessories. 

To our delight, the service center introduces numerous car remote and key fob batteries for all preferences. Drop by their stores anytime, and their staff will gladly switch your dead fob batteries into new ones! 

And battery replacements are just one feature of its main assets: AutoZone even offers services for key copying, too, applicable for any car brand you could think of (GMC, Chevrolet, Dodge, Mercedes, Honda, you name it). A deal that only a fool would choose to skip over! 

3. Buffalo Mobile

Buffalo Mobile

Those with car key requirements in NYC/ Buffalo should pick up their phones and dial Buffalo Mobile’s number immediately. This reliable & friendly service has been nationally and globally recognized for its inclusive locksmith services, covering: 

  • Car remotes
  • Key duplication
  • Fob replacements
  • Transportation keys
  • Chip keys
  • Eligible vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle warranty

No more fear of emergency lockouts; a quick phone call will send a licensed, well-trained Buffalo Mobile technician to your spot in under 20 minutes! 

Dead fob batteries and key duplications will be done right on the site, saving you all the trouble of finding and paying tow trucks to drag the vehicle to emergency services.

4. Batteries Plus

Batteries Plus

There’s no reason not to spare Batteries Plus a second look. It’s one of the best suppliers of automobile accessories, light bulbs, key fobs, and – of course – batteries, stocking wide selections of remote car batteries from hundreds of accessory manufacturers. 

Should your fob run off battery power, visit a nearby Batteries Plus store to fix the issue within minutes! 

Fob replacements, case repair, remote programming, and fob duplications are other common services to pick from. Truly an all-rounder service that lacks none! 

5. Key Way Locks Services 

Key Way Lock, tailored for Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia drivers, concludes our inclusive list. It prides itself in premium security and locksmith DMV services since as early as 1982, a trustable, full-service ally for many eligible customers. 

By choosing this service provider, you will receive a complete replacement even when you are left stranded on the go. Just call them at 703-739-7777 for an emergency case (in their service areas only).

Besides this task, you can count on them when there is:

  • An ignition lock
  • A key fob reprogramming or replacement needed
  • A lockout
  • A replacement key cut needed

Their certified expertise and years of experience ensure you never return to the same issue with your key fob ever again. Regardless of your preferred style and current budget, be confident there will be an option that fits your needs perfectly. 

What Are The Signs That Your Key Fob Batteries Need Replacement? 

1. Weakened Signal Strength

As mentioned, fob keys send radio signals to your vehicle (within a distance as far as 50 feet) – a connected feature utilized by many drivers as they approach the car and activate the fob at the same time.

Nevertheless, once the remote battery has deteriorated, the signal strength and transmitter range will significantly weaken. So if you realize the diagnostic device does not work as seamlessly as usual, time to have it checked and (if needed) replaced. 

2. The Doors Need Multiple Clicks to Get Unlocked

In most cases, a well-functioning reader device should not take more than one click to work. The fact that you have to press its push button multiple times for the signals to transmit clearly indicates worn batteries!

3. The Fob Doesn’t Work Consistently

Does the fob give off inconsistent results – which means sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t? 

Should that be your case – even if it only fails around 10% of the time – we strongly suggest having the device inspected as soon as possible. Who knows what other disasters might be lurking around? 

What Batteries Do Car Remotes Need? How Can You Know That? 

One great feature most confused beginners would appreciate about remote batteries is their identification numbers (printed on top), which makes things much easier. 

With these four-digit number series, you can assess and identify which exact battery holder is required for a specific fob model. 

Normally, the most widely used ones are CR2032 batteries. Of course, other options – such as CR2016, CR1616, CR2025, or CR2450 – are also available. 

But what if your batteries are so old that making out what number is printed there is downright possible? In that case, product specifications in the vehicle manual can be your lifesaver. Or stop at a nearby shop and ask its experts about all program details; they will likely give you the right answers within seconds for free. 

To save you from hours of research, we have compiled replacement batteries for some of the most popular vehicle capabilities and models. Please note that this list does not cover every actual vehicle range – only the battery sizes and types readers often ask us about. 

1. Honda Fob Batteries:

CR20232 batteries:

CR2032 Battery
  • Honda Insight 2022
  • Honda Accord Hybrids 2021
  • Honda Accord Sedans 2021
  • Honda CRV 2021
  • Honda Civics/ Smart Keys (16-21)

CR1620 batteries:

  • Honda Civics/ remote head keys (17-21)

2. Nissan Fob Batteries:


  • Nissan Altima, 2022: 19-22 Altima, 20-22 Sentra, 20 Versa Note, 2022 Versa Sedan
  • Nissan Murano, 2022: 20-21 Frontier, 19-22 Murano, 19-21 Pathfinder, 19-21 Titan
  • Nissan Sentra, 2021-2022
  • Nissan Versa Sedans, 2022
  • Nissan Pathfinder, 2021-2022

For other models and program replacements not listed here, check with the manufacturer/device maker.

3. Toyota Fob Batteries:


  • Toyota 4Runner, 2021-2022
  • Toyota Avalon, 2021-2022
  • Toyota C HR, 2021
  • Toyota Camry, 2021-2022
  • Toyota Corolla, 2021-2022
  • Toyota Highlander, 2021-2022
  • Toyota Prius, 2021
  • Toyota Prime Prius, 2021
  • Toyota RAV4, 2021
  • Toyota Sequoia, 2021-2022
  • Toyota Tacoma/ Smart Keys, 2021-2022
  • Toyota Tundra/ Smart Keys, 2021


  • Toyota Tacoma, 2021, RHK
  • Toyota Tundra, 2021, RHK


  • Toyota Sienna, 2022
  • Toyota Venza, 2021

4. Mazda Fob Batteries: 


  • Mazda 3, 2021
  • Mazda 6, 2021
  • Mazda CX3, 2021
  • Mazda CX 30, 2021
  • Mazda CX5, 2021
  • Mazda CX9, 2021
  • Mazda Miata MX 5, 2021

Check with the accessories manufacturer or your manual on other batteries, party products, and optional equipment. 

5. Jeep Fob Batteries:


  • Jeep Grand Wagoneers, 2022
  • Jeep Wagoneer, 2022
  • Jeep Wrangler, 2021


  • Jeep Cherokee, 2021
  • Jeep Compass, 2021
  • Jeep Grand Cherokees, 2021
  • Jeep Renegade, 2021

6. Subaru Fob Battery: 


  • Subaru Impreza, 2021-2022, RHK
  • Subaru Forester, 2021, RHK


  • Subaru Impreza, 2021, smart key
  • Subaru Legacy, 2021-2022
  • Subaru Outback, 2021-2022
  • Subaru Forester, 2021, smart key

How Much Does It Usually Cost to Replace Car Key Fob Batteries? 

Thankfully, if the battery life is well-maintained, you don’t have to change it often – only every three to four years. 

But when you do, expect to spend about $5 to $10 (not including labor cost). Not bad, though the actual price may fluctuate depending on:

  • The brand/ original manufacturer
  • Battery type
  • Battery quality. 
  • Lithium-ion battery age
  • Peak battery power/ peak charging times
  • Other original equipment and driver-assist features

Your chosen routes (DFY or repair services at auto shops?) also dictate the current service fee.

Can You Replace Car Remote Batteries on Your Own?

Yes, but remember that opening car remotes demands a certain technical level. Only do so when you are 100% confident in your skills. 

If not, the best bet is to leave the fob to someone professional and more experienced. Otherwise, you may risk destroying the push-button start and paying a fortune to buy replacements/have it fixed!   

Is It Possible to Extend the Fob’s Range? 

Yes. Sand its antenna, fit some wires into its cases, then turn yourself into another antenna by touching flat copper pieces outside the housing. 

Sounds ridiculously simple, doesn’t it? However, techniques for extended-range batteries require meticulous care and precision. Ask for professional help if you find yourself struggling! 


Our post has covered everything there is to know about key fob replacements.

Swapping dead batteries into new ones is affordable (and certainly much cheaper than buying new replacement keys), so you don’t have to be worried sick about the purchase price. 

Still, if you wish for more help on the exact types of batteries to choose – or tips to extend their signals – feel free to write to our reliable service team. We are always available

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