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CR2032 Battery Equivalent: Alternatives For Replacement

Last updated: Apr 11, 2023
cr2032 battery equivalent

Most car keys use CR2032 batteries. If this auto part runs out of power, you cannot start your vehicle, which is a bad scenario. Unfortunately, compatible power sources are not available everywhere. 

Knowing the alternatives is essential to save you a hassle in an emergency. So what are the equivalents of 3V battery CR2032? Scroll down to learn in detail. 

CR2032 At First Glance

CR2032 Battery

The CR2032 is part of a broad category of primary batteries, which means it is not rechargeable. The positive terminal contains lithium, while the negative electrode uses copper, manganese, or oxygen oxide compounds.

You should have no trouble distinguishing the two sides. The rough-textured side is the cathode, while the other is marked with a ‘+’ indicating the anode.

Similar to other lithium button cell batteries, its name suggests important properties:

  • The letter “C” points out the main chemical designation; here, i.e., lithium.
  • The serial character implies a circular shape.
  • The first two digits represent the 20 mm diameter.
  • The last two digits indicate the thickness, which is 3.2 mm.

The CR2032 produces a nominal voltage of 3V and a nominal capacity of 235 mAh. This item features a high weight-to-power ratio based on high output and 3g weight.

Another plus is the low annual discharge rate and outstanding stability. The low internal resistance enables the highly conductive electrolyte to deliver a stable energy source at normal room temperature.

Additionally, manufacturers launch these batteries in sealed cases to limit leakage to a large extent. The internal structure does not contain harmful elements; thus, they are environmentally friendly.

You can expect that CR2032 will last for 8-10 years. However, the storage method determines the correct shelf life. High-low temperature conditions may reduce battery age to 3-4 years.

CR2032 Battery Replacement: Which To Opt For?

The DL2032, CR2032H, and ECR2032 are all other names for the CR2032 from market leaders, including Duracell, Maxell, and Energizer. Plus, you can find a few other lithium batteries for your replacement, such as CR2025, CR2016, and CR2450.

Labels Of The Same Models

You may be surprised to learn that CR2032 has many different names, such as BR2032, CR2032H, L2032, ECR2032, DL2032, EA2032C, BR2332, CR2332, KCR2032, KECR2032, LM2032, etc. Some seemingly unrelated terms, such as the AWI L14, 500 ALC, LF1/2V, RFA-35, and SB-T15, also point to the same product.

In essence, all these labels have the same dimension and power capacity. However, some differences, including actual performance and chemistry types, are also worth considering.

Once the first factor depends mostly on the manufacturer, you can figure out the second by name. For instance, options starting with “BR” contain Carbon Monofluoride in their composition.

Other Options


CR2025 Battery

It is a non-rechargeable lithium battery similar to CR2032 in many ways, such as 20mm diameter, 3 volts voltage, and chemical reaction. However, the last two numbers in its name indicate the first difference: the thickness.

The 2025 coin cell battery measures 2.5 mm wide – 0.7 mm gap from the other. It also weighs 0.4 grams lighter than the CR2032. As a result, these two produce unequal amp-hour rates.

In detail, the nominal capacity of CR2025 is about 170 mAh, ideal for small medical devices, pet collars, toys, remote controls, laser pens, etc. Its runtime tends to last shorter than CR2032 due to its limited capacity. The CR2025 battery is often sold at a lower price as a result.

The question is: are these two products interchangeable? The answer is YES as long as they fit in the other’s compartment. Still, you must be aware of contact issues as the 0.7 mm thickness deviation may become a serious problem in button batteries.



Both CR2016 and CR032 often appear in portable devices, which mistakenly causes many people to believe they are one. The similarity in some features further reinforces these misunderstandings.

For example, both have round shapes with a diameter of 20 mm, reminiscent of buttons with a small lip on the top. Regarding technical specs, they all run on 3 volts of power.

The truth is that their distinctive characteristics make them shine in their way. When you put the two side by side, it is easy to see that the CR2016 battery is half as thin as the other. This is undeniable as the standard thickness of the 2016 cell reaches 1.6 mm.

Additionally, the greatest dissimilarity comes from the amp-hour load. The CR2016 serves a nominal capacity of 90 mAh, which makes it much shorter in operation than the CR2032 on the same electrical appliances.

Though they often appear on a similar lineup of applications, the multi-function electronic devices often favor the CR2032. Meanwhile, CR2016 is known for its compact size, making it a good solution for small battery compartments.

Some users find it possible to replace one CR2032 with two 2016 cells. The results are good, as the duo fits neatly into the available battery slot. 

We only recommend this measure as a short-term countermeasure, though. A bank set of CR2016 cannot satisfy the large capacity of the equipment like its brother.

The idea of reverse swapping is never viable. CR2032 protrudes from the tiny compartment of CR2016. As a result, you cannot properly close the lid and start your application.

Safety Issues To Interchange And Use CR2032 Equivalents

Before putting equivalents into use, users should quickly check their physical appearance and operability. Visually observe and check the output through a multimeter to confirm whether it’s an incompatible battery model.

When considering other lithium-ion batteries with even the smallest dimension difference from the CR2032, make some necessary adjustments to be safe. On top of that, you should only take advantage of these options for short-term installation.

Remember to keep CR2032 cells out of the reach of children and animals. Though it is free from heavy metals, electronic materials may lead to unwanted reactions when they come in contact with body fluids. When someone swallows these button batteries, they can suffer from a chemical burn and internal injuries.


Is CR2032 The Same As LR44 Battery?

Absolutely, NO. The LR44 is a non-rechargeable alkaline battery that runs on 1.5 volts.

Can I Use CR1632 Instead Of CR2032?

Never. This idea has absolutely no solid basis as these two are day and night in terms of dimension. The CR1632 measures 16mm wide and 3.2 mm thick.

Are All 2032 Batteries The Same?

Not necessarily. Even though 2032 are both lithium coin batteries, the cathode material divides them into subgroups.

Are CR2032H vs. CR2032 Interchangeable?

Yes. The last letter, “H,” means higher theoretical capacity. For all other cell designations, these two are one.


The CR2032 battery features an energy-saving discharge rate and long life, so extending its usage period is fine. However, it does not last as an endless source of energy. Some users delay the replacement occasionally, but their actions may reduce the device’s health. You should prepare some CR2032 alternatives for backup when the output voltage drops below 10%.

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