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How To Change Battery In Nissan Key Fob? 5 Steps with video

Last updated: May 18, 2023
How To Change Battery In Nissan Key Fob

The key fob is an indispensable item for the operation of the car. People are switching to this device due to its smartness and convenience. However, when will the fob be out of power?

This article will give you an overall instruction on key fob replacement.

Which Battery Is Suitable For Nissan Key Fob?

CR2025 Battery
CE 2025 3V Battery

In principle, Nissan Key Fob uses a coin battery, specifically the CR2025 battery. CR2025, on average, stores 3V, runs on for 170mAh at maximum and can sustain up to six months. Regarding its size, this coin-cell battery is only 5-25mm in diameter and 1-6mm high.

Since CR2025 is extremely small and can store large amounts of energy, this battery is commonly used in handy accessories such as watches, calculators, hearing aids, and key fobs. Due to its versatility, this battery type is widely used in many household tools. Therefore, looking for the matching key fob battery for your car is not too difficult.

Additionally, if you want a better guarantee for the power storage of the key fob, you could take it to the mechanics or a service center for an overall checkup.

How To Switch The Key Fob Battery?

Although key battery replacement is an easy-to-handle process, you still have to work with sensitive and micro-electric components. Therefore, you should be well-prepared before jumping into the process:

  • A latex gloves
  • A 3V battery CR2025
  • Flathead screwdriver

How to replace the battery in Nissan key fob:

Step 1: Flip off the key housing; you will see the emergency key inside. You remove the key in order to make it easier to take off the dead battery.

Step 2: Determine the spot between the two faces of the fob, insert the screwdriver on it, and spit them out.

Step 3: Once the two faces are separated, you will see the old battery fixed on the back side of the fob. You once again use the screwdriver to remove the dead battery.

Step 4: Arrange the new 3-volt coin-cell battery in the right position and push the two faces to close down.

Step 5: Place the emergency key onto the fixed position, and your key fob is ready to use.

Nissan Key Fob Battery Change – How To DIY Learning Tutorials


Is There Another Backup Solution For The Battery Change Process?

The answer is yes; there are two instant solutions. The first one is to use the backup key fob; every car is equipped with two keys. If you have the second one, there is no need to change the bad battery in nissan key fob. 

Another solution you can take into account is to utilize the emergency key, attached on the back side of the fob. This item will be a temporary solution in case you can not find a suitable battery.

How Often Should I Replace The Battery?

On average, a key fob battery can stay up for three years as the device consumes a minimal amount of energy. No matter how fast it is degraded, the key fob can still sustain for more than two years. In the condition that it is less responsive, it is the signal that the battery is calling for a replacement.


Key fob battery replacement process is not a big deal once you know how to do it via our guide. Besides, the battery used for the Nissan fob is CR2025; you can find it in every convenience store. Its longevity is up to three years, so keep this in mind to prevent the scenario of a dead battery.

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