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CR1616 Battery Equivalent: Specs & Compatible

Last updated: May 18, 2023
What Battery Is The Ideal CR1616 Equivalent?

CR1616 is a regular power supply for many electronic devices, such as small medical equipment like heart-rate monitors, batteries in cameras, game controllers, and many other household items. But it will be bad when you can’t find these batteries for them.

So is there any equivalent product to replace it? Let’s check.

Specifications Of CR1616 Battery

It is a non-rechargeable battery; its diameter and height are 0.63 inches (16mm) and 0.06 inches (1.6mm), respectively. “1616” is a common number sequence in common labels. The average weight of each of these coins ranges from 1.1g to 1.3g, depending on the brand.

Most of these batteries on the market today with a negative electrode are lithium, and the positive electrode is manganese dioxide; very few samples used carbon-monofluoride.

The same product, but each manufacturer has different regulations on the range of temperatures. According to studies, it ranges from -4°F (-20°C) to 158°F (70°C).

As for the voltage, its nominal one is 3.0 V, and the cut-off one is 2.0 V. This number will decrease with time, extreme battery temperature, or load. The capacity also witnessed variation between brands, with the most reliable good models having capacities around 50 – 55 mAh.

Below is a quick summary:

Voltage3.0 Volts
Capacity60 mAh
ChemistryLithium coin
Voltage3.0 Volts

CR1616 Battery Equivalent

Despite being a dependable power source, sometimes you still can’t find a 3V coin battery. At this point, you will need another name equivalent to this lithium battery. 

Based on the above parameters, there are some suggestions that you can refer to BR1616, DL1616, 280-209, ECR1616, LiR1616, GPCR1616, 5021LC, KCR1616, etc. Most of these models have an acceptable price and a long-lasting lower.

As we see, most of them carry the serial number “1616”, which means the same battery size will have higher compatibility.

For example, the BR1616 has an operating range of -30°C to 85°C; Its nominal voltage is usually slightly lower but still responds to about 2.8 V – 3.0 V, and the cut-off voltage is 2.25 V.

Although the BR1616 cannot withstand strong currents in electronic devices such as remote controls and car keys, like the enemy, it is still a helpful, excellent product in an emergency situation. 


How Long Is CR1616 Good For?

Its average lifespan can be up to 10 years. After 10 years, this coin battery has only 80 or 90% of its original charge left.

Can I Use CR1620 Instead Of It?

Although the compartment can still fit the CR1620, you should not use it because the lower current and battery capacity will affect the operation of the electronic products.


Above are suggestions for the CR1616 equivalent. Whatever product you choose, remember to keep these small button batteries out of the reach of children even if they contain no mercury or heavy metals.

Hope you have gained more useful information from this article. Thanks for reading.

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