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CR2 Battery Equivalent & CR2 Vs CR123 – Which Is Better?

Last updated: May 19, 2023
CR2 Battery Equivalent & CR2 Vs CR123

Today, hundreds of electronic devices require energy power to work, making our lives easier and more effective. Those power devices can be clocks, wireless computer mouses, children’s toys, remote controls, etc. CR2, one of the most common types, is usable for many pieces of equipment. However, it isn’t always available in our homes!

This post will give possible CR2 battery equivalent options and related questions. Moreover, we’ll present a comprehensive comparison between CR2 vs CR123 to solve users’ concerns when making choices one of them.

What Is A CR2 Battery?

It is a lithium chemistry-based cylindrical battery. For easily illustrated, we can recognize it as a mini version of the D-cell battery. We likely define it by the dimension of 27mm x 15.6mm.

This type of battery can be applied to various power devices, such as photographic equipment, flashlights, remotes, motion detectors, calculators, etc. It’s especially used a lot in film cameras and medical equipment.

Also, it’s produced by many manufacturers thanks to its high demand in the market. Some brand names are Energizer, Varta, Duracell, UltraFire, Panasonic, etc.

CR2 Battery Equivalent Options

There is a higher demand for this type, so it’s sometimes out of stock. The problem of finding its equivalents comes to many people. Because there is a flood of information outside, making us confused when deciding.

Hereafter is a list of battery equivalent and replacement options and related things that we can count on.

Those above options can be directly replaced with CR2. They are all non-rechargeable versions or called primary batteries, offering a stable operation with long use life. They are even all trusted, thanks to high accessibility, flexibility, and stability.

Moreover, there are models 15266 and 15270, which are rechargeable versions for CR2 equivalents. They’re called secondary batteries. Their drawback is that they offer a lower capacity compared to single-use ones. However, they’re more economical as we can use them multiple times. 

CR2 Vs CR123 – Which One Is Better?

CR2 Vs CR123 - Which One Is Better?

It’s difficult to accurately define which one is better as there are certain differences between them. They are all the top common types on the market. Therefore, rather than choosing the best, let’s select the most appropriate to our conditions. For example, the capacity requirement of the device.

We’ll examine the most important aspects of these two types of batteries. From there, we can choose the best for us!


The first thing that makes those models different is their dimensions. The CR2 is 27mm x 15.6mm, while the other is 34.5mm x 17mm. In other words, the CR123 is bigger in diameter and height. 

Sometimes, we may misunderstand that they have the same diameter when glancing. CR123 is higher, so CR-2 cannot replace the electronic devices that work with CR123. In other words, they’re incompatible sizes.


In simple terms, capacity refers to the storage amounts of energy generated by a certain power unit. The measurement is mAH (mA per hour). For example, 800mAH means 800mA of current can be generated through chemistry interaction per hour.

The CR2 has a typical capacity of 800 – 850mAH, while the CR123 is almost twice larger, from 1500 to 2000mAH. As a result, even when we can fit the device using CR123 with CR2, it may operate poorly or not work as the current supplied to the device is insufficient.

The actual capacity also leads to different usage times. Their lifespan can be shorter or longer depending on the frequency and time we use them. It’s said that CR123 can be used for 8 to 50 hours before replacing, and the other may work for 5 to 20 hours.


This aspect is their similarity. Both of the models provide an output voltage of 3.0. When choosing batteries, the voltage should be the same. Otherwise, the higher voltage power unit can damage our devices severely.


This feature refers to the main chemistry material contained in the battery models. Both CR2 and CR123 are power lithium batteries. However, the former is manganese dioxide, while the latter is lithium-thionyl chloride.

Lithium is one of the most reliable sources in producing batteries today as it has high power density and lasts longer.


Both of these models are used in many types of equipment. CR123 batteries are currently used in home automation, illumination equipment, smoke detectors, wireless security, and industrial applications.

The other type is utilized in various industries, such as military, medical, consumer applications, and household devices. We can find it in cameras, memory backup, military settings, communication devices, weapon lights, laser rangefinders, and more.


They are quite similar in this feature. The typical weights of CR2 and CR123, respectively, are 11 and 17 grams. Plus, the weight difference is only 6 grams.


Depending on the brand we choose, the price may differ. However, in general, their prices are not too different. For example, the Duracell CR2 costs around 7$ per unit, while the same brand CR123 costs $10. For many users, the price of retail packs CR123 seems more economical as it offers greater capacity.


Is The Cr2 Battery Rechargeable?

Some CR2 batteries can be recharged, while the majority cannot. The battery’s label will often state whether or not the battery is rechargeable. The non-rechargeable batteries will also be called primary, and the rechargeable is secondary.

Are CR2 Lithium Batteries Better Than CR123?

Because they are not interchangeable, deciding which one is better is inaccurate and unfair. Depending on our background conditions, including needs, devices, current requirements, size, dimensions, etc., we can choose which is more appropriate and effective.

How Long Does A CR2 Battery Last?

A battery’s lifespan is greatly influenced by its use and the caliber of its manufacture. However, the specific number may range from a month to a year.

The battery may last around 30 days for a regular application that needs a lot of energy, for example, a high-brightness flashlight. 

On the other hand, the battery can work for a year under the right circumstances in a more passive use, such as a security alarm panel or a small led light. So, how long a CR2 lithium battery lasts depends on what we need it to do.

Where Can I Buy CR2?

Its common use leads to numerous companies producing and many stores distributing this battery. We can find it in most offline and online stores, such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, Lowe’s, etc. However, it is crucial to notice that not all CR2 units are the same in manufacturing quality. Besides, not all retailers are dedicated to offering high-quality goods. 

Make sure we purchase batteries from a good vendor who only offers the branded units to avoid damage to ourselves and our equipment.


Many CR2 battery equivalents play important roles in our devices. They give us compact and portable devices working properly. 

Remember that CR2 and CR123 cannot be interchangeable, although they initially seem similar. Therefore, we should consider this carefully before purchasing. Step by step, we should confirm that the compatible sizes of the battery will fit into the directed spot in the devices. Then, guarantee that the required voltage is satisfied. Hope we all do well with choosing batteries after reading this article.

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