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SR927W Battery Equivalent: LR927, 395/399, AG7

Last updated: May 20, 2023
SR927W Battery Equivalent

It is not difficult to find and buy the SR927W battery and its equivalent because practically all well-known and reputable battery manufacturers do.

It is often found in goods we use daily, such as micro headlights, digital watches, car keys, and remote controls.

Since not all manufacturers name their batteries SR927W, customers may feel confused. To assist customers to choose the correct replacement battery, watch battery SR927W equivalent information presented in this article.

About The SR927W Battery

The SR927W battery is a coin/button non-rechargeable battery widely used by most battery manufacturers and available in alkali and silver oxide chemical plants.

Small electrical and electronic devices that need a reliable power source, such as wristwatches, keychain flashlights, miniature remote controls, etc., often use this battery. 

What Is The Equivalent Of An SR927W Battery?

The most common labels/names for SR927W batteries are 395 and SR927SW, whose alternatives include LR57, SR57, 399, SR927PW, SR927W, SR927, LR926, SG7,AG7, or LR927 battery equivalent. Labels also vary depending on the chemical and manufacturer.

The 9.5×2.6mm (0.374×0.102 inch) (Diameter x Length) battery SR927SW and 399 is a button/coin battery that can be made as a silver-oxide or alkaline battery. 

The Label 

It’s important to remember this when searching for replacement batteries, as some manufacturers apply the same label on silver oxide and alkaline models. For instance, the SG7 battery must be the “Silver G7” battery, while the AG7 cell must be the “Alkaline G7” battery.

Despite the slight difference in voltage between these two chemistries, manufacturers often refer to their silver oxide batteries as “SG7” and “AG7 equivalent.” Even though SG7 and AG7 are possible names of silver oxide models, AG7 is often used for alkaline ones.

Some manufacturers and battery brands also use their labels, like the Duracell D395/D399.


  • Some manufacturers refer to the high-drain (HD) SR57/LR57 battery as the 399 battery and the SR927W battery, while others call the low-drain (LD) SR57/LR57 battery the SR927SW or 395 battery equivalent. 

On the other hand, to stress that their products have an MD design (multi-drain), some manufacturers deem their SR57/LR57 batteries as 395 or 399.

  • However, some producers also serve both LD and HD silver oxide SR927SW/SR927/SR57 products (with LD batteries being 395 and SR927SW and HD batteries being 399 and SR927W). Most modern SR927SW/SR927/SR57 silver oxide batteries have a MD design.
  • The letters on the label that appear after the number often denote the battery’s electrolyte or its intended use (mostly potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide). Nowadays, manufacturers mark their battery packaging with full information without checking electrolyte types. 

Alkaline Batteries 395/LR57/AG7 

Alkaline batteries are still commercially available and are considered cheap batteries.. However, 9.5 x 2.6 mm pushbutton/coin cells are typically supplied as the silver oxide type. Some crucial characteristics and details of both chemicals are listed in the comparison table below:

Voltage (V)1.551.5
CharacteristicsSteady voltageThe voltage will drop over time
Common LabelsSR57, SR927W, SR927SW,SG7, 399, 395LR57, AG7,  LR927, 399, 395
Common Capacity 50 to 65 mAh range40 to 47 mAh range

With a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts, alkaline cell batteries are dependable and affordable. However, once the battery is drained, the output voltage gradually decreases. 

The utilized device’s cut-off voltage determines the actual capacity. The nominal capacity among these batteries is somewhat low if the electronic equipment requires steady and fairly high voltage; as a result, such a gadget will need fresh replacement batteries quite rapidly. 

Alkaline batteries have a larger nominal capacity when used in equipment that can withstand low voltage.

These batteries frequently have the designations LR####, LR##, AG##, or something similar. Alkaline LR57 batteries, for instance, typically have capacities between 40 and 47 mAh, which is less than comparable silver-oxide batteries (50 to 65 mAh). 

New SR57/LR57/AG7395 alkaline batteries’ storage life usually spans from 3-5 years (at minimum), depending on the manufacturer. 

Alkaline batteries have a cut-off voltage of roughly 1.0V.

Silver Oxide SR927W, SR927SW, SR57, 399, 395 Batteries

The most common of these models are silver oxide coin/button cells. They are a tad more pricey than alkaline batteries but are still reasonably priced, especially in larger volumes.

In addition, they typically boast a 10-year storage life (this varies by manufacturer), and they operate with a fairly consistent output voltage and relatively akin to alkaline batteries’ nominal voltage (1 .55V vs. 1.50V). 

Even when powering sophisticated electronic devices, such as wristwatches, the difference of 0.05V between the two rarely causes problems. 

In actual use, fewer gadgets will experience problems due to voltage drops from silver-oxide batteries than alkaline counterparts, which have a slightly higher voltage.

Silver oxide models are usually labeled SR ##, SG ##, SR ####, or similar. To highlight that their silver oxide batteries (SG ##) are an alternative to alkaline batteries (AG##), some manufacturers also mark them with the alkaline label (AG##).

For example, SR57 silver oxide usually has a capacity of 50 to 65 mAh, which is higher than the alkaline LR57 (40 to 47 mAh). About 1.2 volts is the cut-off value for a silver oxide battery.

Silver Oxide SR927WSR927SWSR57399395 Batteries

Some prevalent 399/SR927W and 395/SR927SW batteries are Energizer 395/399, Duracell D395/D399, Kodak 395 SR57, Renata SR927W 399, Renata SR927SW 395, or muRata SR927.


Is The SR927SW Battery Equivalent To The SR927W?

These two are not the same. The SR927W (or 399) batteries are HD ones ideal for LED digital clocks and alarms, whereas the SR927SW (or 395) products are LD batteries meant for applications with a constant, low current discharge.

Both of these batteries are silver oxide batteries with dimensions of 9.5×2.6 mm. New 9.5 x 2.6mm batteries are MD batteries, while some manufacturers sell LD and HD versions. 

What Distinguishes The SR927W From The CR927 Battery?

The dimensions of the CR927 and SR927W batteries are almost identical: 9.5×2.6mm for the SR927W battery and 9.5×2.7mm for the CR927 battery.

While the CR927 battery is a lithium manganese dioxide one with a 3.0V nominal voltage and a capacity between 30-35 mAh, that of the SR927W is 1.55V with a capacity falling between 50-55mAh.

Therefore, you can’t use them interchangeably.


To choose the best battery for your electronic devices, it is important to understand each battery type, its characteristics, and its differences.

The SR927W and equivalent batteries have certain similarities, but they also have some differences that give them an edge in particular gadgets.

After reading our article, we hope you will have a better understanding of the SR927W battery and be able to determine the SR927W battery equivalent your device requires.

Please comment below if you have questions about this topic or want to share your battery selection experience.

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