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Invicta Watch Battery Replacement & Size Chart To Keep In Mind

Last updated: May 17, 2023
Invicta Watch Battery Replacemen

Those who love watches will definitely have heard about Invicta watches. Born in 1837 in Switzerland, this brand offers consumers a variety of product designs with prices ranging from affordable to high-end.

The replacement should also be noted and done as a mechanical watch. This article is for you if you own one and are looking for the Invicta watch battery replacement. Scrolling down to learn how to do it at home.

What Type Of Battery Goes In An Invicta Watch? 

The size is various, depending on the watch type. As mentioned above, Invicta is extremely high on product quality. In addition to diverse designs, the brand also sets out certain regulations and criteria for output products.

With diverse features and models, choosing the right power cells sometimes becomes challenging for users. Determining becomes more difficult when the same watch line has many different sizes leading to differences in Invicta watch battery size.

Some common types of batteries on the market that you can find (they are classified according to their internal chemistry) such as:

  • Lithium batteries
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Zinc coin cell
  • Silver oxide coin cell
  • Solar watch batteries

Invicta Watch Battery Replacement & Size Chart 

How To Determine The Battery Size? 

On the forums, many debates take place on this topic. Some people claim the button cell in their items is Lithium, while others find it Silver Oxide. Therefore, you can apply a few ways below to determine the type of button cell it uses.

The first way, turn the back of the watch up. Some models will be noted with battery usage data on the back. This is the easiest and fastest way.

Determine Battery Size For Your Watch

Find the user manual immediately if this information is not displayed on the back. When buying one, it is often included to introduce detailed information such as the model, size, and code.

If you can’t find your user manual, what to do? Go to Invicta’s official website and find more information about your model with English characters, or you can also contact the company’s customer care hotline to check.

The last resort is to bring your item to an Invicta service center to have it checked and replaced with the true-size battery. In case your home is too far from genuine centers, asking for the help of a skilled worker is also a good choice.

Invicta Battery Size Chart

Now you can consider the chart below to get a general idea of the Invicta battery sizes. This board is organized according to the number of batteries with the main type being Silver Oxide coin cell battery.

Chemical SystemTest Load DrainNo.Replacement Number
Silver OxideLow301SR43SW
Silver OxideLow303SR44SW
Silver OxideLow309SR754SW
Silver OxideLow311SR910SW
Silver OxideHigh314SR716W
Silver OxideLow315SR716SW
Silver OxideLow317SR516SW
Silver OxideLow319SR527SW
Silver OxideLow321SR616SW
Silver OxideLow329SR731SW
Silver OxideLow333SR610SW
Silver OxideLow335SR512SW
Silver OxideLow337SR416SW
Silver OxideLow339SR614SW
Silver OxideLow341
Silver OxideLow344SR1136SW
Silver OxideLow346SR712SW
Silver OxideHigh350
Silver OxideHigh357SR44W
Silver OxideHigh361SR721W
Silver OxideLow362SR721SW
Silver OxideLow364SR621SW
Silver OxideHigh365SR1116W
Silver OxideLow366SR1116SW
Silver OxideHigh370SR920W
Silver OxideLow371SR920SW
Silver OxideLow373SR916SW
Silver OxideHigh376SR626W
Silver OxideHigh377SR626W
Silver OxideLow379SR521SW

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Can I Use Different Types Of Batteries For An Invicta Watch? 

Each type of watch will fit a different type of coin cell battery. The main reason for this is that the chemical composition inside the actual battery must match the materials that make up your item.

When designing the Invicta one or any other model, the manufacturer will consider this issue and choose it very carefully. The exact type included will ensure the best performance and prevent possible chemical reactions or corrosion.

Therefore, the advice for you is to choose the replacement batteries that have the same type as the one that came with your item when it was manufactured. If you can’t find them, alternatives like the above button cell chart can also be considered.

Anyway, go to the nearest watch shop or authorized service partner and make sure that skilled goldsmiths do the professional watch battery replacement.

Doing it yourself at home by inexperienced people can lead to unforeseen risks such as a bulging battery, not accurate time, unstable quartz movement, damaging the mechanical movements

Can I Replace Invicta Watch Battery At Home? 

The short answer is yes. Not only Invicta timepieces, but you can also replace the dead batteries of other quartz timepieces or automatic timepieces at home.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that anyone can do this. To perform this task, you need to ensure two factors:

  • Have all the necessary equipment and proper tools to do it
  • Must have enough knowledge and experience in replacing the battery as well as mechanical watch movement

If not, avoid attempting to change the battery at home, especially with automatic watches or digital watches. There have been countless instances where users have damaged their own items. 

It’s always advisable to bring your coin cell wrist watches or direct contact to the Invicta repair shop or another service center, regularly after a period of time, for detailed inspection and safe Invicta watch battery replacement that meets the exceptional standard.

How To Open Replace & Change INVICTA Watch Cell Battery


Based on the Invicta watch battery replacement size chart above, we can see that choosing the right one for an Invicta watch model is really not easy. You can determine the right type through the four ways that we have suggested, the popular one is the silver-oxide battery.

Except for extreme cases, we recommend you take your watch to an authorized dealer or see a specialist for inspection and replacement. This is the most optimal way to ensure your item is not damaged compared to making it yourself at home.

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