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SR621SW Battery Equivalent: AG1, 364/363, 377 IR621

Last updated: May 21, 2023
SR621SW Battery Equivalent

The SR621SW battery equivalent is considered one of the newest button battery types on the market. People can seek out all physical information about this product relating to battery age, nominal capacity, and basic battery sizes on the brand website or the battery-selling stores. Some outstanding features of the SR621SW equivalent are discussed in this article.  

SR621SW Battery Sizes, Features and Specifications 

SR621SW battery has the same core characteristics as the LS621 battery equivalent; both are non-rechargeable cells with physical dimensions of 2.1mm in height and 6.8mm in diameter. These gain the most popularity as silver oxide and alkaline batteries. 

The alkaline options consist of LR60, AG1, or LR621 batteries and own approximately 1.5 volts nominal voltage. The cut-off voltage of these battery options fluctuated around 0.9 volts, or 1.1 – 1.2 volts if used in electronic devices.

SR621SW, 164, SR60, SR621, 364, AG1, SR1, or even IR621 battery equivalent have gained the most popularity in the 1.55V silver-oxide battery group that many customers choose for their watches, remote keys, or battery compartments. 

When using the SR621SW, the voltage declines gradually and stays constant for the remainder of the product’s shelf life. This encourages consumers to buy the SR621SW battery equivalent more to take advantage of constant, reliable, long-lasting power, and Duracell silver oxide coin design. 

What Do SR621SW Battery Equivalent To? 

The SR621 battery is also called 364/363 battery equivalent, used in most fields ranging from car alarms and calculators to Bluetooth pieces of equipment. The oxide button cell battery offers a more durable material than alkaline, which lengthens the life cycle and improves the performance of products like an oxide watch battery. 

The purchasers also select this silver-oxide SR621SW battery line from the various lists provided by a lot of well-known manufacturers all over the world for the best one. 

The product SR621SW, namely 364/363 battery silver oxide button equivalent:

Battery TypeEquivalentsDiameterHeightVoltage
S-lineSR621SW, S621S, SB-AG/DG, SP364, SG1, SR 60,…6.8 mm2.1 mm1.55 V
D-lineD364, D364, Duracell D364,…6.8 mm2.1 mm1.55 V
G-lineGP364, AG1,…6.8 mm2.1 mm1.55 V
L-lineL621, LR60, LR621, LR620,…6.8 mm2.1 mm1.55 V
R-lineR 364/31 and RW 3206.8 mm2.1 mm1.55 V
Number-linecitizen – 280-34, 164, 280-34, 531, 602, 362, 364,…6.8 mm2.1 mm1.55 V

How To Choose The Right SR621SW Battery Replacement? 

People should consider some factors before buying an SR621SW battery equivalent, including battery replacement, primary or secondary batteries, the level of the battery voltage, and its power or energy. 

The first important consideration in battery choices is whether the device uses primary (single-use) or secondary (rechargeable) coin batteries. This depends on the characteristics and the technical quality of the products applied. The second step for choosing the battery line is to look at the rate of power illustrated on the label, usually expressed in amp hours (Ah) and milliampere per hour (mAh). Battery operating voltage is another essential consideration, focusing on materials used to create the products (prefer lithium batteries). 

There will be some other battery considerations that everyone should follow, such as physical shape, self-life, chemistry, battery cavity, transportation, and cost of products. This can ensure that buying and selling the SR621SW battery is effective and cost-saving.  

What Is The Energizer 364-363 Battery Compatible With?

Energizer 364-363 Battery Compatible

People can buy the SR621 battery brand to serve the demand for using watches, vehicle security alarms, keyless remotes, glucometers, computer & communication equipment, battery packs, and other compartments matching the product’s size. These devices are evaluated to connect consistently with the 364-363 battery, promoting the operation quality at the maximum level. 

Everyone should take reference from the detailed information table about the SR621SW below to get a deeper understanding of this compartment:

Brand lineEnergizer
Equivalent model364/363 (SR621W)
Energizer battery/cell diameter6.8 mm
Energizer battery/cell height2.15 mm
Energizer battery/cell capacity 9 mah
Energizer battery voltage1.55 V

All products for 364/363 silver batteries with electrical plugs are designed to use in the United States. However, the outlets can differ from the characteristics of any region or country, which requires a converter and an adapter for utilization in the delivery destinations. This forces anyone to check the compatibility level between this battery line and the device served. 

Safety Issues When Using SR621SW, 364/363, LR621 Batteries 

These battery lines are tiny and shiny objects, easily attracting the pets’ and children’s attention anytime – that is why all brands must pack them in ‘pets-safe’ or ‘kids-safe’ packages to restrict the lowest rate of relevant accidents occurring.  The adults or parents also keep them away from children’s reach and put these kinds of batteries in a fire prevention box to ensure their safety. 

Although the modern SR621SW, 364/263, and LR621 batteries do not release pollutants like cadmium and mercury,  people can be at risk of catching illness or health problems if they are careless. These batteries can cause chemical burns because of the processes triggering electricity under the impact of human swallowing, which immediately requires the users to call the nearest emergency center and follow doctors’ instructions.


How Much Time Can I Use The SR621SW?

The lifecycle of the SR621SW depends on the way of usage, the compatible devices connected, and the usage frequency. People should usually clear the position that the SR621SW battery is installed to eliminate tiny dust, limiting problems such as hot or overloading engines.

Can 364 And 377 Lines Be Exchanged For Each Other?

Absolutely No. Despite having the same feature for chemistry (silver-oxide) and some similar dimension, including

  • For 364 batteries: 6.8 x 2.1 mm
  • For 377 batteries: 6.8 x 2.6 mm

If the users place 364 batteries in the 377 battery compartment, this might prevent reliable operation and cause some serious problems due to differentiation in the function and capacity between the two kinds of battery. 


This article has just reviewed the outstanding characteristics of the SR621SW battery equivalent. People should check all information about the product before installing this kind of battery, promoting efficiency during use. If everyone has no idea about battery selection, he/she can contact manufacturers on the website or distributors to get the best advice.

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