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Which Battery Terminal To Connect & Disconnect First? And Why?

Last updated: May 11, 2023
Which Battery Terminal To Connect first

Car batteries play an extremely important role in providing power for electrical components, ensuring engine operation. However, you need to pay attention to disassembling the old battery and add new energy to your motor every time it shows signs of exhaustion. This process is not difficult, but not everyone knows how to do it properly.

This article will give you the answer under the most comprehensive view. Scroll down and discover in no time.

Which Battery Terminal To Disconnect First?

Removing and installing batteries in the correct sequence will help ensure the safety of the engine and the quality of the energy. But newbies or even experienced drivers are not sure how to complete the task correctly.

When you want to remove the energy from the tray, the first thing is to find out where the terminals are. Once the determination is successful, disconnect the negative terminal (-) first and then the positive (+).

Which Battery Terminal To Disconnect Firs

If you do not follow this procedure and disconnect the (+) first, the power supply will create a direct path to the ground through the wrench. Meanwhile, the (-) cable acts as the ground cable, making disconnection extremely safe without creating sparks.

For your safety, follow the above procedure and never disconnect the anode first!

Which Battery Terminal To Connect First?

So, how to connect the car battery properly?

The process of inserting the batteries into the tray occurs in the opposite direction compared to their replacement process. You will start with the anode (+) first, then finish with the negative (-).

Before proceeding with this task, you need to thoroughly check the condition of the top of the battery so that it is clean without debris or rust. Dirty batteries will generate weak currents between the terminals, causing danger during the installation.

How To Remove The Old Batteries?

Removing the old energy source is not as simple as you think – take out the power supply. Instead, you need to follow the following procedure to ensure the most secure system operation.

First, you need to disconnect the cables from the negative terminal. If you wonder about their characteristics, these cables usually have a black sheath and a (-) symbol above their sheath.

Then proceed to disconnect the cable from the positive terminal. These cables usually have a red sheath, and the (+) sign represents the positive pole.

During this process, never let a metal object come into contact with both terminals of the energy at the same time. Once this happens, it will harm the engine and yourself when you touch it.

When this step is completed, open the fixing clips and completely remove the power supply from the tray.

How to Disconnect a Car Battery

How To Install The New Batteries?

Before proceeding with this step, you must undergo a quick check of the system’s two connectors and cables. Should they have rust, this will not be good for the power supply after installing new batteries.

If you’re in this case, don’t worry! Your task consists of preparing some water, an iron brush, baking soda and thoroughly cleaning the rust spot.

Follow our instructions above to install the battery in the correct position and sequence – positive (+) and then negative (-). After that, please fix the tray with the fixing clips to prevent the energy from slipping. 

Finally, start the engine to check to see whether the new power source is working.

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How To: Install a Battery in Your Vehicle

The Bottom Lines

With our article, you will certainly not have any headaches with this problem anymore.

Installing and removing the energy is an easy process whether you are a newbie or an experienced person. But above all, follow the replacement procedure above to ensure the safety of your engine and your health. Good luck!

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