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Can A Car Battery Be Too Dead To Jump Start? Detailed Explanation

Last updated: May 11, 2023
Can A Car Battery Be Too Dead To Jump Start

A poorly drained battery car can make your drive dreadful. Jump-starting your car is the first step you will think of, but you don’t know what you can do if your battery is dead. 

Thus, we will explain your concerns about this problem in this article. You will find the right answer and some useful instructions to solve this problem. Let’s read on!

Can A Car Battery Be Too Dead To Jump Start?

No, a car battery can’t be so depleted that it fails to jump start.

What Are Causes Of Dead Car Battery? 


In the high temperature, the poor maintenance of chemical power components can result in your dead automobile battery. Due to the corrosion ability, the acid inside the metal grid impairs the electrode. The battery capacity will deplete soon and make the automobile not start. 

Strong Vibration 

The high vibration can destroy internal battery components, and erosion of the grid even escalates in the harsh acid environment.


When the power unit depletes, it will make the lead sulfate become crystals. These crystals will grow larger and make the battery charge more challenging. This results in a dead battery that can depress you if you try jumping a completely dead battery. 

Malfunctioning Alternator 

If the alternator fails, the automobile battery can be undercharged or drained for the rest of its life. This is one of the causes of the dead car battery you have to face. 

How Can You Jump Start With A Dead Battery?

How Can You Jump Start With A Dead Battery~1

To jumpstart with a dead battery, park your vehicle near another vehicle with fully charged batteries. Disable the ignition in the two cars and connect the jumper cords for both. 

You need to keep two cars from coming close to colliding. Connect one end of the (+) cable to the (+) clamp on the dead battery while the other end will be connected to the (+) clamp of the good battery. For the (-) cable, link one end to the (-) terminal of the good one, and leave the other end on the ground of the dead one.

Start jumping the automobile with a good battery and the other with a dead battery to check if anything happens. 

If nothing occurs, you can double-check the problems. After checking and fixing the errors you have, you need to try again with the prepared cables for both cars.  

Allow the vehicle that has a dead battery to start its engine for about twenty minutes to recharge the battery.

How To Safely Jump Start A Vehicle With A Dead Battery & The Correct Way To Hook Up Jumper Cables

How Long Does It Take To Jump A Dead Battery?

The average time is often between two and ten minutes for you to process the task. Yet, this time can vary depending on the type of automobile or dead battery conditions. Some types of vehicles can take up to 30 minutes to succeed

Besides, the battery’s state also contributes to the time you take to jump start your car. If your battery stops working, the time for jumping your automobile will be longer.

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How Many Times Can You Jump A Car Battery When It’s Dead?

Normally, the external powertrain can power a car that gets a dead battery. Using large semi-tractors can kick an exhausted engine successfully. With thick jumper cables with large copper wires, you can recharge the dead battery many times. You can try to jump start your cars at various times as long as the battery is still alive. 

Relying on the donor automobile, you should wait for the jumping start at different amounts of time. Hauling tractors and the alternators on large semis will take longer to start. You can try to start it if the problem happens in an emergency.


To jump start your vehicle, you must find another vehicle with a fully charged battery and use the jumper cables for a two-car connection.

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