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How To Jump Start A Lawn Mower Battery – Detailed Steps

Last updated: May 17, 2023
How To Jump Start A Lawn Mower Battery

Grasping how to jump-start a lawn mower battery well, you will no longer worry about the battery running out or failing. You don’t need any special equipment or training to do it. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete.

How To Jump Start A Lawn Mower Battery?

There are several different ways to jump start a riding mower. Still, the most effective way involves using a jump pack or the car’s engine as the “battery jump starter”

With A Portable Jump-Starter

This jump-starter is so-called a portable power jump pack. When this power starter runs along with the jump-started batteries, connect the mower’s positive terminal to the red clip and the battery’s negative terminal (or the mower’s metal frame) to the black clip.  

Afterwards, switch off the power pack and then turn on the mower. Once the mower starts, unplug the power pack, remove all the built-in cables, and begin with the black clip.

With A Car

If the lawn mower battery won’t jump start with the above method, or you dislike that method, let’s go for the following solution: using another car. Of note, it does wonders with a 12-volt battery.

Here is a step-by-step guide to have things done:

Step 1: Clean The Corrosion 

Cleaning the built-up battery corrosion on the car battery and lawnmower’s battery terminals is necessary to minimize the disconnection risk. You might as well use baking soda and a wire brush for this step and wear gloves during the process.

Even for a wet battery, eliminating dirt and corrosion is worth it. 

Step 2: Connect The Cable

Connect the cables in this order. 

  1. One red cable’s end connects to the lawnmower’s positive battery terminal (+). The other end goes with the car battery’s positive terminal.
  2. One black cable’s end links to the car’s negative battery terminal (-). The black cable’s other end connects to the metal mower frame. 

Step 3: Start The Car And Mower Engine

Start your car and lawnmower, respectively. If the battery can’t start correctly, leave the engine running for a few seconds before repeating the previous step.

Step 4: Remove The Cables In The Reverse Order

When you start the lawnmower, disconnect the jumper’s cables in the opposite order: red from the car, then from the lawnmower and black from the lawnmower battery, then from the vehicle.

Don’t let the cable clamps touch each other if each clamp is not yet removed. 

Jump Start Your Lawn Mower Battery With Your Car

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Lesser-Known Tips To Extend A Lawnmower Battery’s Life

If you want to prolong your battery, keep it not drained so quickly the next time you use it, and prevent battery issues, check out these tips:

Lawnmower Batterys Life
  • Hook up a trickle charger to the lawnmower batteries if you don’t use them at once.
  • Have the batteries fully charged every one to two months if you have no trickle battery charger available.
  • Check out and clean the battery occasionally to avoid corrosion or cracks in the casing. Don’t try using a bad battery or đead battery. Let them go.
  • Replenish batteries’ water level with distilled water. This way is advisable for a wet battery.
  • Prevent your batteries from failing prematurely by tracking the top harmful reasons.
  • Use the correct battery charger. Incorrect charging may lead to the worst cases: battery damage or battery explosion.
  • Stick to the safety precautions to treat your current battery well and dispose of a bad battery precisely.
  • Follow the manual and protocols to grasp the battery maintenance, charge time, battery label, battery details, safe jumper cables installation, and battery discharges, to name a few. It’s nothing but handy to help users reach the product’s peak performance levels.


There you have it – a well-rounded guide on jump start lawn mower battery. If you find yourself stuck with a dead wet battery, you will soon figure out a jump is more crucial than ever. Jumping a lawn mower isn’t as tricky as other car engine types, yet still, be a life-saver to know. 

The process is pretty simple once you have all the right equipment. Stick to the instructions, and you can get back to work sooner rather than later! Hopefully, what we unveiled will help your batteries touch peak performance levels.

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