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SR920SW, AG6, LR920, LR921, 370/371 Battery Equivalent

Last updated: Jan 5, 2023
sr920sw battery equivalent

Wrist Watch batteries, also known as button batteries with compact battery design, are an essential element of a quartz watch. Choosing a suitable battery replacement will help the battery-powered watch to work longer and be more stable.

Meanwhile, if you select a bad battery, the clock will run unstable and quickly run out of battery. We recommend in customer reviews the best watch batteries.

Currently, the most used pin code is SR920SW watch battery equivalents, with some of the other battery equivalents including 370, 371, LR69, LR920, LR921, and SR69. These are the best watch batteries, with a proven reputation and credibility over the years.

Battery Specifications SR920SW Battery

The SR920SW battery has a diameter of 9.5 mm and a height of 2.1 mm. This battery is available in two versions: alkaline and silver-oxide chemistry. Look at the individual specifications in the table below:

LabelsLR69, LR920, LR921, AG6171, 370, 371, SG6, AG6, SR69, SR920W, SR920PW, SR920SW, SR920, SR921
SR920SW Capacity25-30 mAh25-30 mAh
Nominal voltage1.5 V1.55 V
Cutoff voltage0.9 V1.2 V
System-on-Chip voltage (SoC voltage)1.6 V1.6 V

Thus, the SR920SW is a popular battery made of Alkaline and Silver-Oxide, which are used primarily on watches, battery packs, and several other standard devices, including the 370 battery equivalent; lr920 battery equivalent; and 371 battery equivalents.

Alkaline Chemistry Vs Silver-oxide Chemistry. 

1. Power Transmission Density

Silver Oxide batteries typically have a higher energy density and can generate high currents for their size. These batteries usually last longer than their Alkaline counterparts. Alkaline batteries are commonly used for most electronic devices batteries, including pet collar batteries,  medical devices, garage door openers, calorie counters, mini LED lights, and watch batteries are no exception. They have a shorter lifespan than silver oxide, but they still last quite a while.

2. Applicability

Silver Oxide batteries typically have a higher energy density and can generate high currents for their size. These batteries usually last longer than their Alkaline counterparts.

In contrast, Alkaline button cell batteries are commonly used for most watch batteries are no exception. They have a shorter lifespan than Silver Oxide batteries, but they still last quite a while.

3. Performance

Alkaline batteries are manufactured with the exact dimensions as Silver Oxide batteries but with lower battery capacity and less stable battery voltage than silver oxide or lithium batteries. A Silver Oxide watch battery will have twice the power of a good Alkaline battery.

4. Price

Alkaline batteries are also cheaper than other types. They are more inexpensive to manufacture, so the cost of production is also lower.

5. Stability In Use

Suppose a powered device requires a relatively high battery voltage (e.g., 1.3 V) to function correctly. In that case, a Silver Oxide watch battery with flat discharge properties will provide power much longer than an Alkaline battery – even if it has the same battery capacity. For wristwatches, Alkaline batteries run out of power faster than Silver Oxide batteries, which are also less stable when discharging, making your watch less accurate.

Safety Issues Of SR920SW Battery Equivalent: SR920SW / 371 And SR920S / 370

The SR920SW/371 and SR920S/370 are the most popular sr920sw battery equivalents. They are pretty small and eye-catching, so they can seemingly appeal to children and pets, leading to many accidents for small children and pets being swallowed. As a result, many manufacturers often pack them in a safe package.

Although SR920SW/371, SR920S/370, and similar batteries, such as battery equivalent 371 or battery 371 equivalent, do not contain mercury, cadmium, or other potentially toxic heavy metals. But if swallowed accidentally by children, they can cause electrolysis leading to burns, sore throat, or tracheal fistula.

Scientists have studied the measure to prevent these severe injuries in children is to use honey. So, if your child or pet swallows the battery, give them a teaspoon of honey every 5 – 10 minutes before taking them to the hospital.

Top 5 Best Battery Vendor SR920SW Watch Batteries 

1. Maxell Battery SR920SW Equivalent

Maxell watch batteries are mostly silver oxide batteries that do not contain mercury; others are Lithium batteries. The volt battery of Maxell silver oxide watch battery is 1.5 volts. In terms of price, this watch battery brand from Japan is also a bit expensive; there are many different types and sizes.

2. Renata Battery SR920SW Equivalent

Renata batteries are prevalent for their durability and can be used for many years. These batteries are slightly more expensive than average and are generally considered long-lasting and reliable.

Renata has the most silver oxide battery, no mercury, so less toxic; a few are Lithium batteries. Renata silver oxide batteries have a volt battery of 1.55 volts and a meager self-discharge rate.

3. Sony Battery SR920SW Equivalent

Sony Battery SR920SW Equivalent

Sony manufactures 40 silver oxide watch batteries to fit different watches, including the sr920sw equivalent. The price is a little lower than Renata’s. Sony batteries can be used in high-end battery watch movements; of course, the buyer must choose the type of battery suitable for the watch’s energy consumption level.

4. Varta Battery SR920SW Equivalent

The German watch battery brand Varta manufactures more than 33 different types of batteries for watches. Besides producing silver oxide battery, and lithium batteries for looks similar to other brands, Varta also manufactures alkaline batteries.

5. Energizer Battery SR920SW Equivalent

Energizer Battery SR920SW Equivalent

The energizer watch battery brand is cheap batteries. Energizer manufactured in the USA, battery silver oxide or lithium batteries for all watch types. Energizer was also one of the first companies to change its packaging to make battery packaging safer.

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What Size Battery Is SR920SW?

SR920SW basic battery size is 0.37″ (9.5mm).

What Battery Can You Use Instead Of 371?

Battery types are equivalent to 371, such as SR920SW, D371, and V371 batteries…

Are 370 And 371 Batteries Interchangeable?

Yes, because 370 and 371 batteries have the same physical dimensions. So you can replace these two batteries each other when the old battery runs out of shelf life.


It can be said that the sr920sw battery and its replaceable batteries are pretty popular batteries with many different watch designs. You can use the brand suggestions above to choose the best quality pins for your watch.

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