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How To Dispose Of Car Batteries? Battery Disposal & Recycling

Last updated: Jan 5, 2023
How To Dispose Of Car Batteries Battery Disposal & Recycling

After driving for a couple of years, you would notice significant degradation in your car battery compared to when it was new. To ensure sustainable performance, it is recommended to replace your old car battery as soon as possible. However, getting rid of your old batteries is another story.

It is very important to know where to dispose of car batteries properly. Unlike electric vehicles, regular car and truck battery material includes exceptional heavy metals and poisonous chemicals. Incorrect disposal can leak battery fluids into the surrounding environment, thus contaminating the surrounding area.

When Is The Time For Car Battery Disposal?

Most current automotive batteries are lead-acid based with 12 volts of electromotive force. Each battery consists of sulfuric acid, water, and lead divided into 6 cells, which supply electrical energy for your car’s compartments (lights, engine, navigation, motor oil, etc.). 

Typically, you should let them go to waste after 3-5 years or when you spot some abnormal signs.

It is very easy to recognize a car’s acid battery malfunctions; these include dim headlights, slow crank, backfire, or engine taking more time to start. 

Keep in mind that these issues can occur if specific battery components are damaged, though it’s more likely to be the battery’s fault if you have been driving for a long time.

Dead batteries can be valuable materials in one way or another; let’s learn how to recycle them!

What To Do With Old Car Batteries? Car Battery Recycling

What To Do With Old Car Batteries Car Battery Recycling?

If you still have a receipt from your auto parts retailer, you can ask them for a replacement battery system, provided that this service is included in your purchase policy. 

Otherwise, a quick search on the Internet can give you locations of battery recyclers or auto parts stores, where you can sell your old batteries for a good price.

Once the battery pack is turned in a recycling center, a professional team will drain the chemical within and send it to the hazardous waste treatment. 

The case will be broken down into components and either melted down or reassembled by battery manufacturers. Afterward, they will send anything unusable to the junkyard.

If you don’t have time to turn your old batteries in, place the battery upright in a cool and dry place because the heat from sunlight or the engine can ignite the battery, making it explode. Keep in mind to put the old batteries in a sealed plastic bag to prevent them from potentially leaking.

Under all circumstances, do not try recycling batteries on your own.


Does AutoZone Buy Old Batteries?

Yes, and you can even receive some bucks.

Can I Just Throw Away Car And Truck Batteries?


Batteries, in general, are extremely poisonous to the environment. Therefore, you should never throw batteries away without proper treatment. 

Some states and regions have strict policies about toxic treatment, so you should be careful in dealing with dead battery acid.

What Happens To Batteries In Landfills?

If a battery is buried at a landfill for too long, toxic chemicals will leak out of the battery chambers and spread to the ground. 

These chemicals contain mercury, lead, nickel, and cadmium, which are extremely dangerous to the environment and human health. They can easily leak to the surrounding areas and, worse off, water sources.

Can Batteries Catch Fire In The Bin?

It’s possible.

The trash bin is the most dangerous place for batteries because contamination can easily spread and melt among household garbage. 

If placed near hot areas such as the fireplace, kitchen, or stove, hazardous materials can catch fire and cause household hazardous issues.


We hope you have learned how to dispose of a car battery with this article. Don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family so they will also know how to do it properly.

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