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How Long Do Rechargeable Batteries Last?

Last updated: May 19, 2023
How Long Do Rechargeable Batteries Last - A Complete Guide

Rechargeable battery lifespan last is a common concern for many homemakers ask. It is because people can reuse this battery type many times. Unlike single-use batteries, which are disposed of around 40 billion annually, rechargeable ones are more eco-friendly. 

However, you are wondering about the operating time. Since people spend more money on this kind of battery, they expect to use it longer. 

How Long Do Rechargeable Batteries Last?

The lifespan of rechargeable batteries is different depending on the quality and types. Some would last for around 1000 charging times, while others can go up to 2,500. 

One thing for sure is that rechargeable batteries are more expensive than single-use ones, including alkaline versions. However, it does not mean single-use batteries are better. You can earn your money back every time you charge the battery. 

The charging times of normal batteries can be around 1500 to 2000 times. You get what you pay for. If you choose to use an Eneloop battery, the price can be a bit higher, but you can use and charge the battery up to 2,100 times.

Are Rechargeable Batteries Better Than Regular Batteries?

Rechargeable batteries seem like a better deal for you though regular batteries still have some strong points. 

Battery Price

Most rechargeable batteries are more expensive than regular ones. It makes sense when rechargeable batteries have non-disposable and reusable features. Some people may opt for single-use batteries for the price, but it is not a good investment in the long run.

Lifespan Of Rechargeable Batteries vs Alkaline

Rechargeable batteries vs regular batteries have different lifespans. The first charge of regular batteries will last longer than its counterpart. However, they are single-use and cannot be recharged. Meanwhile, you can use rechargeable batteries hundreds of times.

Although they can be drained when not used. This phenomenon is self-discharge. But for some modern ones like the Eneloop, it will not occur because the battery can maintain its voltage for a long time.

This type can still have 70% of its battery capacity after 10 years. For 1 or 3 years, it can work with 90 and 80 %. Thus, rechargeable batteries are better because they have better efficiency and work for a longer period of time. 

Where To Buy Rechargeable Batteries?

Are you looking for high-quality batteries? You can consider Eneloop lite and pro batteries. There are many Eneloop types suitable for different electronic devices. 

There are Eneloops suitable for appliances using less energy. they will work perfectly with DECT phones and remote controls for a long time. Meanwhile, Eneloop pro batteries are a perfect choice for devices using a lot of energy, like rechargeable hearing aids, mice, torches, and game consoles.

Think about it carefully. You should choose a reliable source, as low-quality batteries can cost you a lot of money and cause damage. 

One example is that rechargeable batteries contain lithium. When you store them in improper condition, they will get exposed to moisture or extreme heat and cause damage to the devices and yourself.

Are Alkaline Batteries Rechargeable? 

The manufacturer mark alkaline is non-rechargeable batteries. Though you can still charge them 5-7 times, it is not advisable. There will be a lot of risks.

One of the biggest dangers is leakage. Even in normal conditions, alkaline batteries are still leaking. It will be more dangerous when recharging them. The heat will create pressure in internal components that can breach the seal. 

It will take you a lot of time to turn off and on the battery chargers. Every 30 minutes, you need to shut the recharging process and cool the disposable batteries. Thus, you will spend 12-14 hours recharging alkaline.

For some people who dont want to do the job, it will put them at risk. The heat will build up, and eventually, there will be an explosion. 

On the other hand, the manufacturer applies lithium technology in rechargeable batteries. It enables these lithium-ion batteries to recharge and offer longer battery life. 

Frequently Asked Question 

How To Know If Rechargeable Batteries Are Still Good?

You can check with the battery tester to know whether your battery is still in good condition. It will tell you the battery strength. If the tester and voltmeter have the same charge as they used to, it is still good to use. Besides, some people test batteries with a multimeter. 

How Long Do Rechargeable Batteries Keep Their Charge? 

Different batteries will require you to charge it after different durations. Normally, batteries will become completely drained after 30 to 60 days.

Do Rechargeable Batteries Lose Power Over Time? 

Yes, rechargeable batteries lose power over time. But for Eneloop batteries, the process is slower. They can retain 70% of capacity after 10 years.

Is It Worth Buying Rechargeable Batteries?

Although rechargeable battery cost can be a bit expensive, they are reusable. Thanks to advanced technology, the charging time is shortened. Thus, it will become a good investment over time.


Now you have the answer for rechargeable lifespan. Depending on your budget, you can choose either single-use or rechargeable batteries. However, considering both, rechargeable ones offer more benefits than its competitor.

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