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How To Change The Battery In A Jeep Key Fob? Detailed Guide

Last updated: May 17, 2023
How To Change The Battery In A Jeep Key Fob

One day you realize that your key fob is not working as flexibly as before, and you think the cause is the battery drain. Let’s follow us to reach a step by step guide.

When Does The Key Fob Battery Need Replacing?

Shortened Signal Range

Normally, the key fob’s operating range of receiving signals is 20m. If you see this distance decreasing over time, your key fob has a problem. One common reason is that your battery is depleted or dead and needs to be replaced.

However, the rain sometimes affects the car remote’s ability to receive signals. On rainy days, if you have to approach the car to turn on the key fob, and the distance is still well maintained for the rest of the day, it is not a big problem.

In addition, a damaged remote transmitter or receiver also prevents the car box from catching the signal from the key. Chip failure or broken circuit in the remote battery makes it completely useless. 

Common signs are headlights don’t flash or don’t even turn on, and there is no signal sound when pressing the button.


You own a weak battery if you have to press the key fob button panel too many times to unlock it. After a long time being used, the key fob will gradually run out of battery or have an internal battery failure. The battery installation area also has problems, such as a short circuit. 

Cracks next to the installation area will hinder the battery from being correctly installed and cause a non-working Jeep key fob. It can shorten the battery’s life and cause it to drain more quickly.

Moreover, when you press the unlock button on the key fob too many times but the indicator light keeps blinking and then turns off, your battery is completely “exhausted”. It would be best if you asked someone else to bring you the backup key.


Delayed Unlocking

Receiving a slow signal is a common pointer of a key fob running out of battery. The key fob normally responds by turning on the car indicator light to inform you of the successful unlocking process. 

However, if it responds slowly, about 5-10 seconds after you press it, the signal source it sends is too weak due to a drained battery.

This case is not always derived from a dead battery but can happen in case of faulty key fob programming. After replacing a coin battery, if your car remote does not respond as quickly as before, you should ask a car mechanic to reprogram the key.

How To Change The Battery In A Jeep Key Fob?

First, you need to insert a tiny flat screwdriver or a needle into the groove of the key fob. It will be best to do it near the keychain attachment so you can break the key fob into two pieces. You can easily see the electronic circuits inside.

Next, you can take out the old battery and replace it with a CR2032 battery

The key fob pins are normally designed with the negative terminal at the bottom and the positive terminal at the top. You can look at the key fob to see its little symbol and identify the correct terminals.

Finally, you can stick two key fob pieces together. You have now accomplished replacing a new Jeep key battery.

Some drivers wonder how to change battery in Jeep compass key fob. The operation is the same as the battery replacement process above. You just need to follow those simple steps.

Jeep Key Fob battery replacement Compass / Renegade / Liberty / Cherokee / Grand Cherokee

How To Program A Jeep Key Fob?

Programming a Jeep key fob is similar to programming other key fobs. First, you need to get in the vehicle and lock all the doors, including the convertible. It can help you avoid issues when reprogramming the key fob.

Next, you will enter the vehicle key into the starter and maintain it in the off state. Then it would be best if you left your driver’s side door to stay partially open. Keep in mind that you need to switch the key on to start when the door is open.

While the key is turned, push and keep the lock button on the key fob for about five to six seconds. The operation will be completed when you release the button and remove the key from the circuit.

In addition, there are several key fob programming tools on the market. They are simple DIY gadgets for programming car keys. This basic instrument is a gadget that fits into the electronics of the Jeep and allows you to install fresh key fobs.


How To Change Battery In Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob?

To begin, you should remove the rubber button on the key fob’s rear to unlock the inner part. You can easily notice a gap beside the keyhole at the bottom of the remote. 

Next, you need to put a flathead screwdriver through the gap and spin to split the remote into two pieces. You can use a plastic opening tool, any other flat, hard material, or even your fingernails.

The new battery should be inserted at the bottom of the key. All you have to do now is use your flat tool to remove the old battery from the battery housing. You can do it by carefully taking it out of the device and pressing it onto the spring connectors. 

Finally, reinsert the new battery with the positive terminal towards the center of the remote key and snap the two pieces of plastic firmly together.

How to replace key fob battery. Jeep Grand Cherokee

How Long Does The Jeep Key Fob Battery Last?

Jeep key fob batteries normally last from 3-4 years under appropriate use. If you don’t push the button too hard, the key fob will work well for about four years. You will then have to replace a new one. 

To avoid battery failure or rapid battery drain, you should carefully read the appropriate battery manual and replace the battery in the manual.


We believe you know how to change the battery in a Jeep key fob now. Whenever you find your key less responsive, it’s a high chance that the battery is drained, and you need to replace it. Thank you for taking the time to read our post. See you in the next ones.

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