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Group 27 Battery (Deep cycle, Dimensions, Size and Specs)

Last updated: May 19, 2023
Group 27 Battery -  Energy Solutions For Your Engine

Car batteries or other types of engines always have strict requirements for the power supply. However, many experts still appreciate the quality of products in Group 27 for these difficult clients.

So are they as good as those reviews? Join us to find the answer through the article below.

What Does Group 27 Battery mean?

For those interested in automotive batteries, “group size” is a familiar term. It is used to distinguish the physical characteristics of batteries, such as capacity, size, dual terminals location, etc.

This plays a huge role in determining what type is best suited for a vehicle replacement warranty. By comparing it with the size of the mortar used by the car (printed in the manual or on the label of the current battery), you can easily find the right one to replace.

Here, Group 27 belongs to the large size group and weighs about 54 – 70 pounds depending on the internal structure. Its capacity is at the top of the most powerful groups, about 66 – 110 Ah (20 hours), 600 – 1000CCA, 140 – 220 mins RC.

Thanks to high battery life, this is a very versatile group of batteries and is ideal for use in many applications. They are a stable and long-lasting power supply for marine applications such as fish finders, yachts, off-grids, etc.

Among them, the most popular is automobile manufacturing technology like trucks, passenger cars, SUVs, etc. You can find Group 27 on familiar models such as buses, RVs, trailers, etc.

Dimensions Of 27 Batteries

It has three sub-categories: 27, 27F, and 27H. Overall, they are quite similar, but there are still slight differences in physical size despite being labeled as one.

Below is a quick summary of the battery size chart:

TypeLxWxH (mm)Amazon Price
27306x173x225Check Price
27H298x173x235Check Price
27F318x173x227Check Price

The difference in the actual sizes of these types is really small; even we can hardly tell the difference between them if we don’t look closely.

However, a few millimeters more or less also affects whether the product will fit in the battery compartment. That’s why you should identify and find the right type to avoid wasting time changing again and again.

On most product labels, manufacturers always provide the actual size (inch/mm) and the BCI size for customers. So before you pay, ensure it’s the right size for your tray.

Some Popular Models Of 27 Batteries

There are dozens of battery 27 models on the market for sale. With a variety of sizes and capacities, users have more options to choose from. Here is a summary of some of the models that are most interesting to engineers and users today:

ModelType/ChemistryCapacity (Ah)/RC (min)CCA/MCAWeight
VMAXTANKS XTR27- 110Deep Cycle/AGM11022066088031 kg
VMAXTANKS MR127- 100Deep Cycle/AGM10020080031 kg
UPG – UB121000Deep Cycle/AGM10017029 kg
Renogy RBT100LFP12S- G1Deep Cycle/LiFePO4100200100A11.8 kg
Optima 8027- 127 D27MDual Purpose/AGM66140800100024.5 kg
NorthStar NSB- AGM27Dual Purpose/AGM92195930108031 kg
Mighty Max ML100- 12Deep Cycle/AGM10029 kg

Most of the featured models can work in multiple positions, such as Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, vibration resistant batteries, and Sealed Lead battery acid.

Although LiFePO4 batteries are quite picky because of their price, their reserve capacity is very good, and the number of charges and discharge cycles is much larger than that of AGM and SLA.

The Best Types Of Group 27 Deep Cycle Batteries

GreenLiFE GL80-80AH

As a 12V lithium-ion battery, GreenLiFE is the ideal alternative to lead-acid batteries. Like most LiFePO4 alternatives, you’ll have to shell out 3 times the price of similar AGM packs to own it.

However, it is worthwhile as it can withstand 3000 – 5000 charge cycles. This number is much higher than what the AGM and SLA models can do.

Another plus point for the GL80-80AH is that its weight is only half that of similar products. Besides, it also comes with a battery protection system with features such as:

  • Automatically disconnect when the voltage goes low
  • Protect short circuit 
  • Protect overvoltage 
  • Protect reverse polarity 
  • Thermal safety fuse
  • Automatic cell balance inside
  • Error self-healing


NorthStar is an AGM SLA battery that includes many types, such as NSB-AGM27F, NSB-AGM27, and NSB-AGM27M. When fully charged, their output can go up to 930 Amps in 30 seconds without drastically dropping below 7.2V when it’s cold (0°F).

Some NorthStar models can also hit 1080 Amps in 30 seconds at full power without any voltage drop. Their power reserve is also quite high, equivalent to 25 Amps for 195 minutes.

Thanks to breakthroughs in the number of charges and discharge cycles, and high battery life, NorthStar is currently one of the best recovery AGM SLA batteries.

Optima YellowTop

Optima YellowTop

This is a versatile battery, suitable for both starting and deep cycling. Thanks to the application of Optima’s state-of-the-art Spiralcell Technology, its capacity is 3 times larger than traditional versions.

Better internal resistance, faster charging, and more efficient power output.

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Is Group 27 Better Than 24?

The answer depends on your usage needs. Group 24 costs less and is generally more suitable for small cars. Meanwhile, the price of its competitor is higher but it will bring a better experience for big vehicles.

How Many Amp-Hour Batteries In Group 27 Have?

This deep cycle battery has between 66 – 110 amp hours.

Can I Substitute Size Groups For Each Other?

In some cases, you can substitute them for the same device, but this is only possible when:

  • Product size and battery compartment must be compatible. Otherwise, it won’t work until you make vehicle modifications.
  • Another mandatory requirement is to ensure that the battery voltage and capacity are appropriate for the device you are planning to use.
  • To ensure safety and workability, don’t forget battery testing. You should only choose those that meet the standards of quality control checks.
  • To avoid the core charge, it is better to bring the old product to the store for the staff to check at the time of purchase.


Above is all the information about Group 27 deep cycle batteries. This is a highly functional battery, bringing great working efficiency. Although they cost a little more than usual, they are still an option you can consider using.

Hope this article is useful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below. Thanks for reading.

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