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Cold Cranking Amps To Amp Hours- Detailed Guide To Do It!

Last updated: Jan 5, 2023
Cold Cranking Amps To Amp Hours

Purchasing a new battery for your vehicle will ensure the car’s stable performance and reduction in the possibility of power-related problems. Yet, whether you’re an experienced person or a newbie, converting cold cranking amps to amp hours can easily leave you in a mess.

Modern car models tend to use many electronic components, leading to the need to find a suitable power source. If you’re stuck with this problem, don’t worry! Scroll down, and we’ll show you step-by-step how to convert CCA to AH in no time!

Cold Cranking Amps And Amp Hours- Overview

Equipping yourself with knowledge of cold cranking amps (CCA) and amp-hours (AH) will be the key to fully understanding the converting process. Let’s discover how these two units of measure work now!

What Are Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)?

What Are Cold Cranking Amps

The CCA acts as an ampere for measuring the amperage and electron present in a conductor. A single ampere will pass through all parts of the conductor and represent a single mass of charge.

If you live in a cold environment, choosing CCA as a unit of measurement will help you determine the ideal battery for your vehicle. Drivers often use this unit to express the ability of an engine to start over a certain temperature range (about 30 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit).

The higher the battery capacity and capacity, the larger the CCA value shown. Besides, they will serve users longer and provide more services than batteries with weaker CCA.

What Are Ampere Hours (AH)?

While the CCA  is necessary, it is not sufficient to accurately determine your vehicle’s most appropriate battery product. The most effective way to complete this mission is to convert CCA to amp hours for the specific capacity of the battery.

Usually, people use two units of measurement, amp-hours (AH) and milliamp-hours (mAH), to represent the capacity of a power supply. Besides, it also helps to determine how long the battery can work before recharging.

How To Convert Cold Cranking Amps To Amp Hours?

You can not convert CCA to AH directly due to the non-correlation between the two units. Why not? The battery CCA calculator plays a role in representing the battery’s capacity and provides power for starting and spinning the internal combustion engine (~30 seconds). In contrast, the AH represents the battery’s capacity and maintains a steady current ( ~20 hours).

But there’s still a way to make the transition go smoothly! The rule we give you is to split the CCA rating by 7.25  for the corresponding AH rating of the battery.

For example, if you want to turn 750 CCA into AH, do the conversion calculation, and you will get a reading of 103.45 AH.

Convert Cold Cranking Amps To Amp Hours

Some Last Words

Determining the proper power supply for vehicle engines through capacity measurement has never been an easy task. Therefore, determine the product’s CCA and AP indexes to consider compatibility before making a final decision.

Our article gives you detailed instructions on converting cold cranking amps to amp hours and the associated problems. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves, take the measurements, and determine the ideal power supply for your engine!

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