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Why Are There No B Batteries?- Unveil The Secret

Last updated: May 15, 2023
Why Are There No B Batteries

In case you have been paying no attention at all, it isn’t hard to find out that the most prevalent batteries on the market are D, C, AAA, and AA. Actually, there are still B batteries. But what happened with the b cell battery? 

Actually, you are not alone; a sight of people are looking for a thoughtful reply to this query. To encounter the fact, follow us now

What Is a B Battery?

The b-size battery was still manufactured and packed with 0.8464 inches by 2.36 inches (21.5 mm x 60 mm), offering 8350 mAh for the alkaline types.

B Battery is not popular

They used to be high-voltage ones utilized in old tube-powered radios. These battery cells came in different shapes and sizes and normally measured somewhere from 45 to 90 volts. 

Little do you know that the Europeans still employ B batteries in some items like lanterns or flashlights. But it is not the norm for the rest of the world. Why?

Why Are There No B Batteries?

Since the battery’s invention, more and more battery kinds have come to the market with various storage capacities/ voltages/ shapes/ sizes/ etc., and also took part in different sectors. That is not to mention the triggered energy demand for many products, especially during World War I for the army. 

During WW I, USA cell producers and some Government agencies jointly developed nationally consistent specifications for sizes of batteries, their performance criteria, their arrangement, and some other wide standard of batteries. 

In 1924, Government and battery industry representatives consulted together to find out a uniform naming system for all batteries and cells they had normalized. They made up their mind to name it related to the alphabet, called the single-cell batteries and smallest cells “A,” and from there to dub B, C, and D.

Why Aren't There B Batteries

When battery technology turned and developed, a growing number of battery sizes were designed. Accordingly, these criteria were added to the name list. When batteries with smaller sizes came, they were named AAA and AA batteries. These types were the proper size for the developing-consumer-electronics sector, so they boomed. 

Also, D and C batteries got a good place in high- and medium-drain applications. The medium-size B and A batteries just didn’t have a niche in the field and more or less vanished in America. 

The absence of the B battery size on the market is simply because those sizes never truly got attention commercially, particularly catching consumers’ interest and use. The batteries that were really most common batteries only ended up being the D, C, AAA, and AA sizes.

These days, thanks to that popularity, most battery manufacturers keep producing these lines of products. Thus, these types of batteries are always available in most shops, even small stores, to use in our devices. From that, it becomes increasingly difficult to encounter B batteries in the market. 

While you normally will not find B batteries on most shop shelves in the USA these days, they are still out somewhere in a few stores. B batteries are occasionally utilized in Europe for bicycle lights and lanterns. That said, according to Energizer Power, their dissemination is going down, and they could have completely disappeared. 

Bottom Lines

If we also have your company until these final words, we bet you have already encountered the reason why are there no B batteries on the market. They are just eliminated due to their less popularity. Though there remain some here and there, you’ll soon witness a complete disappearance of this battery type.

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