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What Size Breaker For An Electric Stove?

Last updated: Mar 11, 2023
What Size Breaker For An Electric Stove

An oven breaker (Aptomat), a dedicated circuit breaker for overcurrent protection. According to Industry Standards, it is a device that conveniently switches off the electric stove and mainly protects the electrical circuit for the whole house. It is the benefits of using a breaker for stove devices that experts recommend using when electric stove installation.

This article will provide helpful information, such as which stove breaker size or electric stove amps are suitable for stove use. Enjoy it!

What Size Breaker For Stoves That You Need To Know?

An average four-burner electric stove can operate maximum demand from 20 to 50-Amp Electric Range. But, with an extensive electric range with more complex features, it can draw more than 60 Amps.

When installing an oven breaker for an electric cooktop, you must consider two important factors. First, you should always check that you only use up to 80% of its power supply capacity. Besides, it would be best to consider your home’s electrical wire size coating to ensure power consumption is not overloaded.

A reasonably sized 30 amp stovetop amp should not cause any circuit failure, as long as the stove’s electric range breaker size requirements match your wiring. The proper wire coating size for 30A Circuit is 8 gauge wire to 10 gauge wire.

How Many Amps Do A Stove Use?

This is the question many customers face when looking for the best electric oven breaker for their kitchen stoves. Below is information on the best amps that users should thoroughly research before buying from commercial units.

1. Breaker 20A

Breaker 20A

To choose a suitable breaker, you need to see how much electricity your home’s electric stove uses. Double induction cookers (with two cooking zones) typically have a total electrical capacity of 1800W to 3600W. This capacity is suitable for power demand lines from 2×2.5 to 2×3. The best way to choose the breaker size for the induction cooktop is the Breaker 2A.

2. Breaker 30A:

Breaker 30A

Suppose your electric stove has more cooking zones. Usually, in many families or restaurants using double, three, four, or even five cooking zones, or larger stoves, the total power capacity is relatively high—approximately 3600W or more. You will not be able to choose a circuit breaker box for an average family. It would be best if you chose a separate Aptomat for a type 30-Amp Circuit to ensure stability and safety for the kitchen and home power supply amperage rating.

3. Breaker from 30A to 60A:

Large-capacity electric stoves or products often have many cooking zones; the maximum load of the furnace can be up to 7000W. At this point, you must carefully choose the amp and the type of power wire for the kitchen. The recommended kind of wire gauge insulation for the induction cooker is the large current-carrying wire from 2×4 to 2×10. Choosing a breaker for a large-capacity induction cooker should choose the type 30A – 60 Amp circuit breaker.

Why Use A Breaker For The Stove?

It would be best if you used a breaker for the stove and other household electrical appliances to protect and ensure your family’s safety.

  • With an unstable power supply, the breaker will help protect indoor equipment from damage.
  • The ability to quickly switch off the power supply helps protect the circuit when there is a problem.
  • There are many types of breaker and anti-shock automat, ensuring safety and preventing electric shocks, leakage from causing a fire.
  • With electric stoves with automat installed, the kitchen disassembly will be more straightforward, without affecting the household power supply and saving time and other jobs using electricity.

It can be said that a breaker or automat brings absolute safety and convenience, which protects your family from the risk of fire and explosion. Oven breaker costs are also inexpensive and suitable for most families’ budgets.


1. What Size Breaker Do I Need For A 220 Stove? 

To use a 220 stove, you must use a 50-Amp Breaker with a double oven.

2. Can I Use 8/3 Wire For The 50A Circuit?

8/3 wire is best for a 40-amp circuit breaker only. You can still use 8/3 wires to connect to an additional load 50 amp hob (induction hob) if you’re not using multiple cooking zones on the hob simultaneously.

3. Can I Use A 10/3 Wire For A Stove?

The 10/3 wire is unsuitable for an Electric Stove; it is ideal for dryer cords. Installation Manual of electric hobs requires two hot wires, one neutral and one ground wire. This type of stove requires a 50-amp circuit compatible with a 240-volt circuit, so a 6-gauge wire would be more suitable.


Housewives always ask how to choose a breaker size for the kitchen cooktop and the accompanying specifications to help their family meet electrical safety. These valuable shares will give you one more smart choice when using electrical appliances, especially electric stoves. However, finding a professional electrician is better than installing the circuit yourself.

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