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How Long Does It Take To Charge A Tesla At Home?

Last updated: Jan 5, 2023
How Long Does It Take To Charge A Tesla At Home?

A Tesla car is different from a gasoline vehicle as it’s electric using battery power instead of fuel. With a Tesla, you can reach significant miles. Your automobile has a battery pack holding so many kilowatt hours. But how long to charge a Tesla at home?

With the improved technology, it takes much less time to charge a Tesla than with gas vehicles.

We’ve rounded up a thorough reveal of the answer regarding the Tesla charging time at home with many vehicle categories and chargers.

How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge A Tesla For Different Models?

Depending on the Tesla type of vehicle and charger, the charging time will vary from as least as 25 minutes to as much as 7 days. Here comes a list of variations, ranging from X, Y, and S, to 3. Scroll down to learn more.

Tesla Model X

A full charge for an empty Tesla Model X battery would take roughly 7 days with a NEMA 5-15 charger, about 18 hours with a NEMA 14-50 charger, and only 8 hours with a Tesla Wall Connector. Meanwhile, a public charger or supercharger takes only 25 to 30 minutes. 

Model X, Tesla’s crossover mid – size SUV, is available in two trim levels: Performance and Long Range.

The Performance type of vehicle can travel 341 miles on a single charge, while the Long Range can travel 371 miles. This is the most fantastic range of any electric sport utility vehicle currently.

Tesla Model 3

An empty Tesla 3 needs 3-5 days using a NEMA 5-15 charger, 8-12 hours using a NEMA 14-50 one, and roughly 7-8 hours with a Tesla Wall Connector to be full. Like Tesla Model X, you need to spend 25-30 mins using a Tesla supercharger or public charger for Model 3.

Currently, Tesla 3 is the company’s best-selling car. There are presently three Tesla Model 3 variants: Long Range, Standard Range Plus, and 3 Performance.

Battery life for the Standard Range Plus is 263 miles. The remaining have 322 miles of range in total.

Tesla Model S

You will have to spend around 5-7 days on a NEMA 5-15 charger, about 17-18 hours using a NEMA 14-50 charger, and roughly 9 hours for a Wall Connector to fully recharge an empty Tesla Model S. Supercharging takes place for around 30 minutes to finish. 

Only the Tesla Model S offers an awe-inspiring range among available electric vehicles.

There are three distinct variations: Model S Performance, Model S Long Range, and Model S Plaid.

The former Model S Performance ranges 387 miles, while Model S Long Range takes over 400 miles. Meanwhile, Model S Plaid exceeds 520 miles.

Tesla Model Y

It would take 5-7 days to charge an out-of-juice Model Y with a NEMA 5-15 charger, 11-12 hours with a NEMA 14-50 charger, and 6-7 hours with a Wall Connector after a 30-mile journey. Only 25 mins is required for the fastest charging speeds with supercharging.

The Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s newest car. The midsize luxury SUV is less expensive than the Tesla Model X but delivers a comparable range. You can find 3 variants on the market: Standard Range, Long Range, and Performance.

Standard Range can travel up to 244 miles without a recharge. The Long Range (326 miles) and Performance (303 miles) trims of the Type Y have ranges above 300 miles.

Tesla Charging Time At Home Based On Particular Type Of Charger

If you desire to check the quick run-down among three standard charging options at home, take a peek at these three types of charging:

NEMA 5-15

Depending on the type of vehicle, complete charges may need 3-7 days!

Every Tesla has a built-in electric car charger using a NEMA 5-15 plug, which fits a home standard 120-volt outlet. They also do wonders for electronic devices like smartphones and computers.

You will gain roughly three miles for every hour spent charging using a NEMA 5-15 charger. This slowest charging method is ideal for most overnight charging.

NEMA 14-50

These rapid chargers will remarkably do the task faster than a NEMA 5-15. For charging efficiency, spend 8-18 hours everyday recharging your drained car.

You may find this battery charger in stores to power your Tesla from various standard outlet types. Many houses also feature the more powerful 240-volt outlets and the more common 120-volt ones. It is a popular practice to use them to power laundry equipment.

Wall Connectors

Regarding electrical charge Tesla cybertruck at home, you can choose to have a Wall Connector installed. 

The hour of charging for your empty car is about 6-8. A vehicle would gain over 44 miles/hour with the standard wall charger. This is the fastest way to charge a car at home. 

Wall Connectors are expensive products compared to other adaptors. Installation of a Wall Connector requires the services of a Tesla-certified electrician. 


Can You Charge A Tesla Cybertruck In 30 Minutes?

Yes. A Tesla with a Level 3 Supercharger can reach 0-170 miles on a single 30-minute charge. After only 40 minutes, it will be 80% full. At the 80 percent charge point, charging slows down to protect the battery.

How Far Can A Tesla Go On Full Charge?

Any vehicle can drive at least 267 miles on a single refill of the battery. The usable time of batteries is dependent on several factors, like the battery size, your driving habit, or even the terrain. Your battery life and driving style fall into these categories. Currently, the most extended available range is about 375 miles for each charge.

What Happens If A Tesla Cybertruck Runs Out Of Charge?

If the battery in your electric car dies, your automobile will cease moving. The motion progressively slows down until it completely stops. Plus, you’ll need to ask for roadside assistance to be towed to the closest charging station.

How Many Years Does Tesla Battery Last?

A Tesla automobile battery has a technical lifespan of 300,000 to 500,000 miles, equaling 1,500 battery cycles. 

According to most prestigious electric car companies, the typical car driver logs around 13,500 annual miles, putting this range between 21 and 35 years.

All in all, adjust your personal driving style to minimize the typical maintenance costs and boost efficiency for level of confident driving. You can also level up its usage time over the long run and save a buck of money. 

Be wise in picking the optimal alternative electricity sources, supercharging credits, insurance companies, and product lines! It’s vital to any electric vehicle driver!

Key Takeaways

No wonder many are shifting their attention toward electric cars like the Tesla products. Indeed, they are economical, eco-friendly, and call for much less maintenance. Still, it leaves another consideration that some people may not consider Tesla charge time.

Now, stick to our time frame to use your car correctly and pick the best types of chargers or an optimal battery storage option.

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