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How Long Does A Motorcycle Battery Last? – Average Motorcycle Battery life

Last updated: May 18, 2023
How Long Does A Motorcycle Battery Last

It is not that all riders know the answer when those guys get their new motorbikes. Instead, there are many other thrilling things rather than the battery’s longevity to make them more excited at that time.

But this mundane point plays a crucial role in the riding experience and safety on the road. Understanding the life of motorcycle battery can help riders maintain and look after this part well. Also, it is handy to know when to prepare the new ones. 

If you are one of those who still get confused, we are here to help. Before looking at several related factors, let’s answer our main question first.  

How Long Does A Motorcycle Battery Last?

A typical battery life for a motorbike should last at least 2-5 years with proper maintenance. However, most riders find it difficult to have a battery with more than two years of longevity. 

Like many other things, the reality is not that simple. Many avoidable or unavoidable factors decide how long the battery can last. It would help if you changed your expectation for its average lifespan based on certain usage cases.

A Battery of A Motorcycle Ridden By A Commuter

If you use your motorcycle as frequently as a commuter, the battery can work well between 3 and 5 years. This estimation can be exact for your daily motorcycling routine in all climates but the frozen one in winters. After this amount of time, you could start finding some issues.

Moreover, you can ensure the device’s longevity of 3-5 years only when you charge it daily. Also, the recommended voltage should range from 12.5 to 12.6 only. 

A Battery Of A Motorcycle Ridden By A Weekend Warrior

As a weekend warrior, how long should a motorcycle battery last?

In a normal climate, the motorbike battery often begins its degradation after the first two years of running. That said, the climate that hits frozen tends to shorten that desired battery lifespan due to the cold temperatures. 

A Battery Of A Motorcycle Without Running

There is no doubt that if you keep your motorbike “silent” for days or weeks, its battery will die right after 3-4 months without getting turned on. 

In other words, turning on the engine also means charging the battery. Hence, if you forget this note, your vehicle’s electricity-providing device can live no longer than four months.

The newer your vehicle’s battery, the better lifespan it can come with. For example, a new device can withstand four months if the engine does not run for weeks. By contrast, the older ones can often get around one month before becoming useless. 

In general, not running the vehicle for a long period of time constitutes one of the most common factors causing the battery to die. The rider could stop riding to work for weeks. Or you could forget your motorcycle when you go on a holiday. 

A Battery Of A Motorcycle In Winters

The story seems to sound a bit unbelievable, but the freezing winter can indeed affect the health of your motorbike battery.

If your place is one with a frozen climate, we suggest running your vehicle at least once weekly. This method helps ensure that the battery will not die before the spring. For the newer devices, applying that maintenance every two weeks is still ok. 

So, how long do motorcycle batteries last without periodically turning on the engine? We are afraid of no more than two weeks, especially in the snow. Therefore, always bear in mind that you need to keep the battery fully charged all the time.

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How To Ensure A Fully-Charged Battery?

Ensure A Fully-Charged Battery

We would like to recommend three ways to ensure that your battery gets fully charged all the time.

Preparing Trickle Chargers

Another name for the trickle battery charger is the battery tender. Manufacturers design it as a motorcycle battery charger that can automatically keep the battery fully charged for long periods of time with optimal voltages. This system can even help you say NO to any dead battery year-round.  

Disconnecting The Battery From The Vehicle

Some motorcycle riders cannot afford a modern charger, and sometimes, they do not use the vehicle for a while. For those cases, the best solution is to disconnect the battery from your vehicles (especially in winter).

It is quite simple to try this tip, as you only need to open the saddle seat for the disconnecting process.

Keeping The Vehicle In Warmer Places During Winters

Moving the battery to a warmer place does not help keep it fully charged, yet this tip plays an important role in extending its lifespan. There is no problem leaving the battery under cold weather for a short period. But the situation tends to get worse if the cold weather conditions are over two days. 

When & How To Replace Motorcycle Batteries? 

We all know for sure that motorbike batteries will not last forever. And the shelf life we mentioned above is in ideal conditions, meaning that there is a high chance your battery will be prematurely drained or dead. Below are some signals to assist you:

When To Replace?

  • The alternator or generator of your vehicle does its function of charging the battery while the motorbike is running. However, the battery cannot hold that proper charging. Then, your “baby” does not start the next time.
  • The vehicle engine does not crank or cranks slowly when you start it. 
  • The battery type is around five years old. At that time, even when the battery manifests no symptoms of malfunctions, you will want to make a replacement to avoid the risk of getting stranded.
How to tell if a motorcycle battery needs replacing

How To Replace?

  1. Taking out the old device is the first step you need to do. If you do not know where it is, the service manual can help. 
  2. Once you see the battery’s location, slide it out. Next, you can access the terminals of the electricity-providing system. At this step, it is crucial to disconnect the battery cables (the negative ones). And then, remove the positive ones when you can break the circuit. 
  3. Now, it is time to remove the whole old battery and replace it with a new device. And do not forget to keep it at an average temperature.

Final Thought

How long a motorcycle battery lasts does not hit the same for all cases. In other words, various usage styles and device conditions can offer different battery lifespans. Whatever they are, learning carefully about your vehicle always holds the key to the safety and quality of the ride.

Motorbike Battery Life

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