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C4 Vs C8 Batteries – What is The Difference Between?

Last updated: May 15, 2023
C4 vs C8 battery

People use the c4 vs c8 battery to replace each other for various purposes. However, they don’t know that this fatal misunderstanding will one day become a danger to their engines.

Each product above provides different features, operating capacity, and users. If you still have no idea about the difference between C4 and C8 batteries, then do not worry.

Just scroll down, and we’ll provide a detailed comparison to show which product will best suit your needs!

C Batteries- Overview

What Are C Batteries?

According to experts, the C product is a standard dry cell battery operating under minimal internal humidity conditions. In addition, C products are favored by their superior longevity compared to other battery types.

C battery is quite small, with a length of 50mm (~1.97 inches) and a diameter of 26.2mm (~1.03 inches). These measurements make it smaller than a D battery and only marginally better than AAA and AA products.

They are suitable for powering mobile devices such as remote controls, flashlights, or toys. You can find the appearance of battery C (aka R14) in every battery wholesaler around your neighborhood due to its popularity.

How Long Should a C Battery Last?

According to experts, the shelf life of this primary battery can be up to 10 years from the date of manufacture. However, how long they can serve humans will depend on the battery capacity, model, device consumption, and even how the user uses them.

A product with a current rating of 1.5V can provide power for at least 18 hours under discharge conditions of 200 milliamperes. However, this capacity is quite low compared to the requirements of current battery-powered devices.

What Does The C Represent?

The “C” in the product’s name represents its rating. Specifically, people call it a “C battery” based on the amount of electricity the battery can provide in a certain time limit.

Experts classify the C battery’s electrical charge and discharge rates based on the number following the name. The larger the number, the higher the charging and discharging rates of the product, and vice versa.

Difference Between C4 And C8 Batteries

Power Output

Manufacturers show power output right above the name of each of their products. “C” serves as the rating of the battery, while the number behind the stand gives the amount of capacity the product can provide.

One C battery will serve the user about 1Ah. As a result, the C8 battery will have a maximum capacity of 8A, much larger than its rival’s 4A capacity.

Charge And Discharge Time

We consider their charging and discharging times to be a significant difference that you need to pay attention to.

The average charging time you need for a C4 product is 15 minutes with moderate discharge. Meanwhile, the C8 model has a faster charge time and a slow discharge rate, but the amount of energy discharged is more than its rival.

However, the more energy output, the shorter the product’s operating time. As a result, C4 typically scores for being able to serve users for longer than its competitors.

C4 battery
C4 Battery

Longevity And Replacement

According to a customer review, you should charge the Alkaline batteries C at a low amp for longer shelf life. Though it will probably take a little longer in terms of charging time, you can use the battery for a long time before using a new battery replacement.

So what if you ignore our advice and use a charger twice the battery capacity? Your products may look like nothing has changed, but their lifespan will certainly reduce.

In terms of longevity, we prefer the C8 battery over the competition as it offers better battery capacity in ideal conditions. But remember, how long you can use them depends greatly on how you store and use them!

C8 battery
C8 Battery

Dissipated Heat 

If you carefully observe the charging process, you will sometimes find the product heats up abnormally. This problem is not related to the charger you are using but to the charging mode that you are using.

When encountering a large capacity charge, products with a large discharge capacity will generate dissipated heat inside the battery. In this respect, you should prefer C4 as its competitors tend to have this problem more often.

Quick Rundown Of C4 and C8 Batteries

C4– Budget-friendly
– Moderate discharge level
– No dissipated heat problem
– Long usage time
– Longer life than C8
– Provides less power than C8
C8– Maximum output 8A
– Provide high energy density
– Ideal lifespan
– Provides more power than C4
– Fast charging time
– Slow discharge
– Prices are not affordable
– Lifetime is shorter than C4


What’s The Difference Between A C2 And C4-Type Battery?

The biggest difference between C4 and C2 batteries consists of the design and features that each sample brings to the user.

The C2 model has a unique battery design since it has no foam on top of the air mattress. Instead, the manufacturer has integrated a thin layer of padding made of soft fibers directly above the air cavity. Meanwhile, the C4 product has more padding and layers of foam about 1.5 inches thick.

In terms of features, the C4 guarantees users longer battery life while delivering more power than its rival. Although weaker in terms of productivity, C2 batteries score because of their longer usage time.

Are All Alkaline C Batteries The Same?

Are all C-cell batteries the same? Can I use C4 batteries instead of C8 for all intended uses? The answer is a big “No”.

According to the manufacturer’s classification, this type of battery includes non-rechargeable and rechargeable C batteries (standard alkaline batteries). Each of these categories is divided into many different samples, resulting in each sample having its unique characteristics compared to the other products.

Therefore, before making a purchase, users should clearly understand the differences between products to choose the sample that best suits their requirements.

What Is A C-Size Primary Battery Used For?

These standard-size batteries are increasingly popular and appear in lots of portable devices and everyday household items around us.

You can find them in medical devices, smoke detectors, portable radios, digital cameras, and computers. It is also used as a source of power for small remote-control devices and children’s toys.

Final Verdict

You can’t deny that both of the products we recommend above are great for long-term use and work well in many areas. However, we rate the C8 slightly above the competition as it guarantees faster-charging speeds, higher power delivery, and an ideal lifespan.

Through this article, we hope that all the problems related to the difference between C4 and C8 batteries are no longer a big problem for you. See you in the next articles.

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