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Predator Generator 3500/8750/6500/1800 Oil Type & Capacity

Last updated: Apr 12, 2023
predator generator oil type

Predator 1800-watt generator is a reliable backup to power devices during a power outage. This tool works smoothly in silence and lasts up to 18 hours. 

However, you cannot refill random oil and expect it to provide great benefits. The question is: which oil is best for it? Scroll down for expert advice for this popular model and other big brothers from the same brand.

What Is The Recommended Type Of Oil For Predator Generators?

Predator Generators

The Predator generator does not come with oil, but the manufacturer recommends the SAE 10W-30 as a reliable companion for this machine. Season-specific choices include SAE 5W-30 in cold temperatures and SAE 30 in warm climates.

You should follow these expert tips because they are developed based on the heat resistance of each type. Here is a summary chart:

Oil TypeTemperature Range
5W-30-20 to 25°F
10W-30-10 to 105°F
3055 to 105°F

One thing all of these options have in common is that they are all synthetic motor oil. A user may mistake it for synthetic blend oil, but they are different under close inspection.

In simpler terms, the synthetic blend is a mixture of synthetic and conventional oil. The combination You should never mix synthetic and synthetic blend oil, as doing so means it contains more impurities. Though these drawbacks do not influence your generator, it does reduce performance.

In comparison, synthetic oil supports the smooth and cold running of the generator engine. As a result, your device has a longer lifespan. On the downside, this option is more expensive than a blend or traditional oil.

Recommended Type Of Oil For Predator Generators

Predator Generator Oil Capacity 

ModelsOil CapacityOil Change RoutineBreak-in Oil Change
1400 Watt (SN 57063) 0.26 qt.every 6 months or 100 hours30 hours
1800 Watt (SN 57064)0.4 qt.monthly or after 20 hours25 hours
2000 Watt (SN 62523)13 fl. oz.every 6 months or 100 hours30 hours
3500 Watt (SN 56720 or 63584)20 fl. oz.every 6 months or 100 hours30 hours
4000 Watt (CARB / EPA III)0.6 qt.monthly or after 20 hours20 hours
4375 Watt (CARB / EPA III)0.6 qt.monthly or after 20 hours20 hours
4400 Watt (SN 57509)0.6 qt.every 6 months or 100 hours30 hours
4550 Watt (SN 59303)0.6 qt.every 6 months or 100 hours30 hours
6500 Watt (CARB / EPA III)1.16 qt.monthly or after 20 hours20 hours
8750 Watt (EPA III)1.16 qt.monthly or after 20 hours20 hours
8750 Watt (SN 57480)1.1 qt.monthly or after 20 hours25 hours
9000 Watt (CARB / EPA III)1.16 qt.monthly or after 20 hours20 hours
9500 Watt (SN 57080)37 fl. oz.every 6 months or 100 hours30 hours

As you have seen above, the fuel tank varies according to the products. For example, Predator 8750 generator oil capacity is 1.16 qt, while Predator 3500 generator oil capacity is 20 fl. oz. For accurate information, refer to your product manual.

How Often Should I Change My Generator Oil?

Change Generator Oil

Each model requires a specific frequency. That said, Predator generators often have two main timelines: every 100 hours or every 6 months (equal to 100 or 20 hours of use), whichever comes first.

You may find another piece of advice in the user manual that comes along with your machine. But it is only an estimate. The exact time varies by many factors, the most important of which are frequency and conditions of use.

For instance, if the generator runs regularly, you must change the oil more often. It is also necessary to shorten the interval between two maintenances when the equipment survives in harsh conditions such as extreme heat or cold.

What Happens If You Don’t Replace Oil?

Even if the machine does not operate, you should change the oil periodically according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The chemical composition may change over time, thus leaving complications for the device. The solution can also build up deposits causing potential damage.

You should know that oil acts as a lubricant to keep internal components from rubbing against each other. Another role is to transfer heat away from the engine.

Using poor-quality products or less volume than necessary puts your device at risk. It may stop running, or the engine may knock until you solve the problem. Worse yet, it dies, and you must pay for an expensive replacement.

How To Change Oil In Your Generator

DIY oil replacement is as easy as a piece of cake. Here is a step-by-step guide for the whole process:

Prepare the necessary tools

Shop for new oil and oil filters recommended for your generator. Prepare a drain oil canister, brush and clean towel, protective gear, a socket wrench, a flat screwdriver, and a funnel.

Put on protective gear

Put on goggles and gloves before starting the next steps. Place the tools listed above within easy reach.

Heat old oil

Turn on the generator for a few minutes to warm up the oil in the engine. This makes it easier to drain the oil.

Relocate the generator

Place the generator on a flat surface to leave a space below the drain plug.

Unplug the spark wire

Look for the spark plug and unplug it. This action aims to prevent accidental engine starting when there is no oil – better safe than sorry.

Prepare for oil discharge

Find the oil drain plug, also known as the 3/8″ nut, with a square or hexagonal head. Clean around this component, then place the drain tray underneath.

Drain the old oil

Loosen the drain plug with the socket wrench and wait until the oil drains out. You can lift the generator to empty the liquid. Then wipe off the oil residue and dirt on the plug and dipstick with a brush and towel.

New oil refill

Place the funnel atop the fuel tank and pour the oil in. Tighten the cap with a screw and reconnect the spark wire.


How Much Does It Cost To Change Predator Generator Oil?

The price of the 5W-30 oil is about $0.1-0.2 per ounce, while that of the 10W-30 is roughly $0.15-0.2 per ounce. You can expect to pay about $0.66 for each ounce of SEA 30.

The total price varies with different oil brands, sellers, and the oil capacities of your machine. You can DIY, so you can save the labor cost.

Does 10W-30 Mix With 5W-30?

YES. As both are synthetic oil, mixing these two solutions is fine.

Is It Safe To Use SAE 30 In Place Of 10W-30?

YES. Both viscosity is the same, which means that both solutions behave in the same way. However, their temperature thresholds differ. Hence, SAE 30 transforms when the temperature drops below 55°F.

What Is The Best Predator 6500 Generator Oil?

The Predator 6500 Generator works well with synthetic oil, including SAE 30 and 5W-30. You can also consider high mileage options, such as 0W40 or 10W30 engine oil, to secure seals and prolong engine age.


How much oil does a Predator 3500 generator take? Now you know the correct type of oil, replacement frequency, and fuel capacity for this version and other popular Predator series. 

Still , it is best to stay flexible in recognizing the signs of low oil levels and dealing with the situation. Some prominent symptoms include warning light, unusual working sound, overheating, reduced output, and smoke or burning smell. Keep your eyes on the machine to maintain it in good condition.

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