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Challenger Circuit Breaker Replacement, Compatibility Chart

Last updated: Jan 5, 2023
Best Challenger Breaker Replacement To Ensure Your Safety

After being decommissioned in 1994, Challenger customers found it difficult to find details on their electrical panels. This raises the need to search for breakers compatible with Challenger to ensure the operation of devices in the home.

But what are they? Are they safe? Let’s find out through the article below.

The Ideal Challenger Replacement Breakers

In its heyday, it wasn’t hard to find circuit breakers from companies like Challenger, Wadsworth, Federal Pacific, Zinsco, or Pushmatic in a single household. But it is a pity that they gradually become obsolete and have to give way to more improved products.

The variety of types and designs makes finding a new breaker box easy. One click will bring up dozens of suggestions from different alternative brands, such as GE, Murray, Square D Homeline, etc., but only Cutler-Hammer is the best choice since Challenger closed in the 90s.

Although many details of Challenger’s old circuit breaker system are no longer effective, the company’s busbars still show their strength over time. The backward compatibility of these busbars makes them interchangeable in the event of a power failure.

Thus, the Cutler-Hammer Type BR/C can effectively take over the Challenger Type C job. Otherwise, Connecticut Electric circuit breakers are also a good choice for the Challenger panels UBITBA types.

Note: UL-classified breakers and UL-listed circuit breakers are only compatible with your panel. Randomly choosing something that looks similar or is cheaper will only disappoint you.

Only choose a circuit breaker panel that fits the needs of your device.

Which Are Similar to Challenger Circuit Breaker Type A?

Finding qualified substitution electrical devices for load centers of Class A of the Challenger circuit breakers is difficult because their compatibility rates are very low. But the good news is that some business brands still meet this old electrical service panel’s requirements.

For example, Connecticut Electric – the premier company that manufactures replacement equipment for Class A. Achieving them only by ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) for UL (Underwriters Laboratory) indicates that they are legally qualified to do so.

Only electrical devices with a single pole (120V) or double pole (240V) breaker will match the Challenger busbars. If you can’t find one available, try other names, such as Eaton/Cutler-Hammer Breaker.

The company’s devices have passed numerous safety tests and meet inspection reports of Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated. You can rest assured of using it in your home.

What about Westinghouse Type BR, American Switch, Sears, and General Electric panels? They also have breakers suitable for this task but differ from the two names mentioned above.

You can consider many options, so consult the advice of licensed electricians. Try asking the seller or professional electrician about Connecticut Electric or Eaton/Cutler-Hammer before looking for alternate names.

Replacement Breakers Lack Of Compatibility Have Any Effect?

In force majeure, you can use circuit breakers and electrical panels from two brands. However, this is something other than what experts recommend, even if you install circuit breakers of the same brand but of a different type.

The incompatibility will potentially jeopardize the electrical system’s warranty or sometimes affect the safety of your entire home. There are many ways to install it, often making it only sometimes noticeable to people.

For example, misplacing individual breakers on the busbar causes heat accumulation.

Buying a Challenger Circuit Breaker substitution without an experienced person’s guidance may cost you additional costs, increasing the hazard to consumers like fire, electric shock hazards, etc.

Therefore, choosing the right breaker is crucial to ensure your safety and those around you. Only UL listed products that third parties have approved should be searched.

Do You Need A Circuit Breaker Replacement?

Yes. Changing the old circuit breaker or the entire electrical panel is essential. But don’t just rush to change the one or two you want; take a moment to check that the others are okay. Early detection of faulty circuit breakers will save you time and avoid many risks.

Do You Need A Circuit Breaker Replacement?

For homes that have been around for a long time (from the 80s or 90s), the dashboards of previous contractors are often more prone to problems. If you see several different brands appearing on the board, it means that burning the busbar is only a matter of time.

The signs of overload on the Challenger dashboard are only easy to spot once they become more severe. Therefore, do not ignore the signs of the electrical system in the house if you do not want a disaster to happen.

One or two affected spots are acceptable if you catch it early, but you may have to ensure your home when the entire panel burns down.

Please forego the risky circuit breakers and the original ones and switch to UL-listed Challenger- breakers compatible. This helps prolong their lifespan longer than usual.


Can I Use Eaton BR Instead Of Challenger?

Yes. The Eaton/Cutler-Hammer circuit breaker are acceptable device. To avoid wasting time with bad products, don’t hesitate to ask your customers about these two models as soon as they enter the store.

What Are The Signs Of Faulty Breakers?

Through some of the following signs, homeowners can detect and provide timely solutions for related problems:

  • Electric panels are warm to the touch: when a plug or outlet becomes loose, more power must pass through an electrical wire. The increased power will convert to waste heat, heating the outlet.
  • Lights flashing for no reason is a sign of a loose electrical connection. The cause may be due to electrical wires or electrical circuits.
  • The burning smell around the house: is a very dangerous sign. If this happens, you must immediately identify the release’s source to prevent a fire hazard.


Above is information about the suggested replacements for the Challenger breaker. There are many products to choose from, but Cutler-Hammer and Eaton Breakers are still ideal. Refrain from arbitrarily picking anything you see in the store.

Hope this article is useful to you. Thanks for reading.

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