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Crouse Hinds Compatible Breakers & Replacement Chart

Last updated: May 19, 2023
Crouse Hinds Compatible Breakers - A Brief Explanation

A breaker is an important element in any electrical system. It helps us to prevent electrical accidents from short circuits or excessive current. From there, we can avoid damage to people and property. Crouse-Hinds, which used to be one of the most popular electrical breakers, is no longer on the market. So, if we have the damaged one, what should we do? Yes. Find compatible Crouse Hinds breaker replacements!

Our article will present options for Crouse Hinds compatible breakers and ways to define compatibility. Additionally, we’ll answer some topic-related questions that are usually asked. 

What Are Crouse-Hinds Compatible Breakers?

The names we can count on are Siemens and Eaton. Eaton is one of the most flexible and compatible with many other branded products.

The Siemens ones are also suitable replacements. The reasons come from mergers and the acquisition of brands. Before, Crouse-Hinds acquired Murray Electrical. Murray produces electrical products that are simple and convenient for users. 

Later, the Crouse-Hinds was bought by Siemens. Siemens announced on their official website to phase out Murray products by the fall of 2020. Then, replacing them with equal Siemens ones. 

As a result, we can understand that Siemens breakers are compatible with Crouse-Hinds. They suit the same slots and work well.

Crouse Hinds Replacement Chart
Crouse-hinds breaker replacement chart

How To Determine Which Breakers Are Compatible With Your Panel

There are two main ways to determine and replace if the breakers and panels are compatible or not.

How To Determine Which Breakers Are Compatible With Your Panel
  1. Using a tester

This is a straightforward method. It does not need professional support from technicians. However, we need to understand basic information and knowledge of our electrical systems, especially the breaker’s working status.

Use the tester to check important metrics, including voltage, resistor, and amperage value. Moreover, we also need to look at the data plates on our devices. Those take part in the electrical systems.

N.B. When looking at these measurements, we should notice the operating circuit. There may be circuits appearing in a switchboard or panel.

  1. Check the marks

Examining the markings on the breaker is the second way. There are letters A, B, C, and D, and numbers appear on the breaker’s surface. Generally, the numbers denote the current amperage value. The letters represent the current state, single-phase or three-phase.

Then, look up the instructions below to find the breaker compatibility

  • Single-phase breakers with single-phase panels: Replace the broken breaker with the A-marked one.
  • Three-phase breakers with single-phase panels: Replace the broken breaker with the B-marked one.
  • Three-phase breakers with three-phase panels: Replace the damaged breaker with the C-marked one.
  • Single-phase breakers with three-phase panels: Replace the damaged breaker with the D-marked one.
Square D breaker
Square D breaker

Why Should The Breakers And The Panels Be Compatible?

Everything needs compatibility to work well. So, the electrical panels and switchboards should be equipped with the appropriate breaker.

If we ensure the components’ compatibility, our electrical system has good features, including:

  • Avoiding heat accumulating in incompatible cases
  • Working stable over the years
  • Fitting appearance
  • Saving money

Is It Safe To Use Crouse-Hinds Nowadays?

Yes. It is a trustworthy brand. Its products’ quality is still good over the years, ensuring safety standards. The brand is no longer on the market because of the merger and acquisition. However, Crouse-Hinds products still work fine in many houses, factories, and laboratories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Siemens And Crouse Hinds Breakers Interchangeable?

Yes, but not all! The QP-classified Siemens and MP-classified Crouse-Hinds breakers are interchangeable. Moreover, these two breaker types are interchangeable with the MP-T Murray breaker.

Do I Need To Replace My Crouse Hinds Panel?

People usually ponder if they should replace their electrical panel because it’s old. Although we want to replace our panels, it’s unnecessary if they still function well. In other words, we haven’t experienced any recent electrical issues.

Furthermore, we need an electrician to inspect. Then, he advised us on whether our electrical panel needed to be replaced. Or we can do it ourselves if we have enough knowledge, skill, and experience.

When there is any problem with the panels, we should immediately consider changing them, such as loose connections or corroded breaker panel wiring. From there, we can prevent any considerable damages from occurring.

Is Eaton The Same As Crouse-Hinds?

Yes. We can understand it as Eaton Corp bought Crouse-Hinds in 2012. About the products, an Eaton breaker is a Crouse Hinds breaker cross reference. Furthermore, it has a 15-year warranty offer. The Underwriters Laboratories has designated these breakers as direct replacements.

Moreover, the current breakers Eaton made are interchangeable with various brands. For instance, ITE/Siemens, General Electric, Murray, Square D, and Thomas & Betts. According to their website, they fit electrically and mechanically. 


Ensuring the component’s compatibility in electric systems is important, especially the circuit breaker. The popular names satisfying Crouse Hinds compatible breakers are Siemens and Eaton. Before replacing the old breaker, ensure measurements and metrics are fine—for example, voltage, amperage rating, dimensions, etc. 

Even if the Crouse-Hinds breaker we’re currently using is old-fashioned, it is still safe. Lastly, don’t forget to ask for professional advice in serious cases to ensure our safety.

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