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What Size Wire For A 15 Amp Circuit?

Last updated: Jan 5, 2023
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A circuit breaker is a must-have in every electrical wiring installation since it protects against damage from excessive current and fire. So, what size wire for a 15 amp breaker? Find the answer in this article for wire insulation.

There are various circuit breakers from which to choose, each with its own set of characteristics and technical requirements. The correct wire gauge must also be extensively examined.

What Wire Size For A 15 Amp Circuit?

You may use amp wire with a gauge of 14 for a circuit breaker with a rating of 15 amps. Nevertheless, for some builders, a wire gauge of 15 A is regarded as 12 gauge wire.

Check your breaker box to verify what size cables are already carried from the main panel to your home or sub-panel to determine what kind of copper wire you should use.

If they’re 12 gauge in the breaker box, you should be able to use a 15 amp extension cable. If they aren’t 12 gauge, you’ll need to determine how many amps the outlet circuit needs and buy thicker wire.

What Makes 12 And 14-Gauge Wires Different?

AWG wire width is frequently the only distinguishing feature between the two types.

The diameter of a 12-gauge wire is 2.053 mm, whereas the thickness of a 14-gauge wire is 1.628 mm. Therefore, 12 gauge cable is more versatile since it is bigger than 14 gauge wire.

To distribute electricity through longer cables with less likelihood of voltage drop, it makes sense to utilize thicker wire for a larger current without burning. In addition, a 15-amp circuit breaker may work with cables that are 12 or 14 gauges in size.

How Far Can You Go When Using A 12 Gauge Wire With A 15 Amp Circuit?

12 gauge wire rated for 15 amp breakers may travel a distance of up to 70 feet. As a result, it could provide power to many outlets and lighting wirings.

Due to the wire’s flexibility and adaptability, 12 gauge is used in construction projects more often than any other wire size.

Nevertheless, there are better options than gauge 12 wires during power surges. For example, if you need to increase the current in a 15-amp electric circuit, a 14-gauge wire is what you need.

FAQ Relating To 15 Amp Wire Size

Here are some questions and answers related to wire size for a 15 amp circuit breaker.

Can 10 Gauge Be Used On 15 Amp Circuit?

The answer is OK.

The ten gauge wire is the appropriate cable size for a 240-Volt 15-Amp wire size. However, the cost is rather high. Because this gauge is greater than that of the 12-gauge one, it will be challenging to wire a 15A outlet.

Can I Use 12 Gauge And 14 Gauge Cables In The Same 15 Amp Circuit At The Same Time?


On an outlet circuit that is protected by a circuit breaker rated for 15 amps, it is safe to use wire with a gauge of 12 American wire gauge (AWG). The circuit breaker will trip if the lights, or anything else on the electric circuit, attempt to draw more electric current than the 14 gauge wire is capable of handling.

Can I Use A 14 Gauge Wire On A 15 Amp Circuit?


Please remember when wiring an outlet, you must always use electrical wire with a gauge of 14, even if the circuit only has 15 amps. It is not recommended to utilize 14 gauge wire for an outlet that is connected to 20-amp circuits. 


You can choose suitable types of wire for wire insulation in your powerful circuit or your power tools. In the right way, you need a wire gauge of 14 to use a maximum current of 15 amps. An AWG wire with a gauge of 12 is the better choice, but a 14-gauge electrical wire would do the job just as well.

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