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How Many Watts Can A 15 Amp Circuit Breaker Handle?

Last updated: Jan 5, 2023
How Many Watts Can A 15 Amp Circuit Handle :15 Amps To Watts

Knowing how many watts 15 amps is,  you can protect yourself from unwanted incidents with electrical appliances. You can easily find the answer by searching for information and doing basic calculations.

Let’s see what you need to know to have a better understanding when it comes to household circuits. Dive right in!

How Many Watts Can A 15 Amp Breaker Handle?

The answer is 1,800 watts at max.

The easiest way to calculate watts is to use the simple equation of A (Amperage) x V (Volt) = W (Watts) based on the principle of Ohm’s Law. 

As long as you have enough data about two out of three components, getting the result is a piece of cake.

Take the 15-amp circuit at 120 volts as an example. All you need to do with the given data is multiply the number and see the answer: 15 x 120 = 1,800 watts.

Caution For Handling 15-Amp Breaker 

Although the max watts on a 15 amp circuit at 120 volts is 1,800 watts, there is a limit on the maximum wattage that an electrical circuit can handle for safety reasons. You are not allowed to install as many household circuits as you wish without considering the maximum load of electrical power.

According to the National Electric Code regulation, giving free space to activate other electrical devices is important. That’s why the actual watts put through a breaker is 80% of its maximum wattage capacity, which is 1,440 watts.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How Many Watts Is 15-Amp Circuit Breaker At 240 Volts?

Applying the basic formula mentioned above, you can answer the number of watts a 15 amp circuit can handle at 240 volts. When you multiply 15 amps by 240 volts, you will get the basic equation’s result of 3,600 watts.

2. Will 1800 Watts Trip A Breaker?

It’s possible.

Most electrical devices in the house, like the air conditioner or light bulb, use the electrical outlet of a 120-volt circuit. While 1,800 watts is the maximum watts for circuit capacity, it is not advisable to reach this limit.

If pieces of equipment use the maximum watts of power, they are likely to suffer from circuit overload, leading to a shorter lifespan of electrical equipment. Maximum watts of the breaker panel will not immediately trip it; however, it will affect the electrical circuit breaker badly in the long run.

3. How Many Household Circuits Can You Use On A 15-Amp Breaker?

The number of household outlets will be directly based on the circuit breaker sizes and the quality of the electrical panel. There are some criteria for you to consider, such as the max wattage capacity of all appliances or the type of wire used in your house.

Normally, a single circuit can handle up to 15 amps at its best condition. If you want to run another major appliance on that circuit, it would be best to install smaller breakers to avoid the problem of circuit trips.


After reading this article, we hope you are confident with how many watts on a 15 amp circuit. Considering the amount of voltage and allowable wattage before installing any appliance is highly recommended for your devices’ best quality and your house’s ultimate safety. Thank you for reading, and see you.

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