Anyone who vapes will feel comfortable, relaxed, and satisfied after many stressful hours of studying and working. But the enjoyment of vaping would soon disappear if you had some problems with the tool, such as an inactive vape cart.

When the battery stops working or runs out of battery, your vape device can’t store cart oil as usual, and you might have to stop smoking. So how to hit a cart without a battery? Is it sensible to use an Android charger in this case? 

In this article, we’ll show you why a cartridge battery is essential and how a cart without a battery inside can operate well. Without further ado, let’s get started

What Is A Vape Cartridge?

The cartridge is a container of cannabis that holds the vape e-liquid. This part is especially common in disposable e-cigarette lines. Some cartridges can be refilled with essential oils when exhausted, while others are disposable. 

When the cannabis oil penetrates the cotton and is subjected to the temperature impact, the essential oil will turn into steam or smoke. It creates the perfect combination of tastes for smokers who enjoy vaping.

Do Vape Cartridges Have Batteries?

what is a vape cartridge

Yes, vape batteries provide power to heat the oil and create vapor. The dab cartridge uses the battery’s energy to power its atomizer coil and helps cannabis concentrate evaporate. The vapor then escapes via the mouthpiece of the cartridge. 

How cart batteries function depends on many factors, including the design and the cost of vape batteries. But the most common form of vape battery is 510-threaded cartridges. A 510-threaded vape pen battery usually has a price between $10 and $50 in the United States. Vape batteries only come with certain charging times, so having an extra battery with you is advisable. 

How To Hit A Cart Without A Battery?

Use Android Charger

Step 1: Cut the Android charger

Cut the charging port of the Android charger with scissors, not the USB port (which links to the dongle). Remember to allow enough space for the cord to access a phone, laptop, or wall USB port.

Step 2: Discard the green and white wires

To charge a battery with a phone charger, you need a USB cable. The red wire is the positive pole, and the black wire is the negative pole. If your cord misses the black wires and you are wondering how to hit a cart without black wire, the answer is “it’s impossible”.

Only black and red wires are useful to hit your cart, so you should remove the two remaining colors: green and white.

Step 3: Cut the ends of the wires

After you’ve removed the white and green wires, simply cut the ends of the black and red ones. You can take off  a small amount of their covering using wire strippers or nail clippers.

Step 4: Insert the black wire into the cart

Find the round hole in the center of your vape cart’s base. Then, you insert the stripped end of the black one into this hole tightly.

Step 5: Connect the red wire to the cart

Connect the red one gently to the vape cartridge’s outside surface. You can now insert the Android charger into a USB hole. Right after that, you should hear a buzzing noise and see vapor emerge from your cart. Inhale it slowly because this blow is likely to be much stronger than the previous one.

Use An iPhone Charger

If how to hot a Stiiizy cart without a battery is your concern, iPhone chargers, like their Android counterparts, can be of great help. But it can make the procedure much more difficult since its chargers and internal wires are far more complex than Android chargers. Simply put, you should not attempt to use it if you are in a hurry.

Why Should You Just Buy A New Battery For Your Cart?

Vape Batteries Are Affordable

For a more fancy touch, you may get the 510-threaded vape battery at $100. Still, that price is merely a trade-off for the chic look, and it will not be much better than the $10 old battery. If you’re investing in hemp vape or cannabis cartridges but are hesitant to spend money on a new battery, it’s fine to try out the 2 stop-gaps above (in part 3).

You Can Have More Than One Battery For Unexpected Time

Rather than only purchasing a new vape battery when your old one has gone, why don’t you buy some in advance so you’re well-prepared when a tragedy strikes? If you vape frequently, it wouldn’t be unusual to buy up to ten disposable vape batteries at once.

You may not use them for years, but you will never have to worry about not having a vape battery when you need it again. Furthermore, if you play your cards well, such an investment may cost you less than $100.

Hitting Vape Carts In Other Ways Is Risky

After all, there’s solely one true method to hit a vape cart: connect it to a fully charged battery. Other ways may produce faster results, but you risk your safety and security. Instead of feverishly browsing the internet for alternatives when your vape battery has cracked, simply get another—or multiple batteries for a rainy day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Hit A Cartridge With An Android Charger?

As mentioned above, using an Android charging cord is how to smoke a cart without a pen. The procedure is really easy, and many people have already tried it. However, there is always the possibility of risk while working with electricity. 

For these reasons, we highly advise against using the Android charger technique if you’re stranded with a vape charger but no battery. You are spoiled with time and choices. Rather than racking your brain for ways to hit the cart, isn’t a quick drive to a store or a few days waiting for an online package delivery much simpler?

Why Does Hitting Vape Carts With Android Chargers Work?

The positive lead from the battery is swapped with the new positive one you’ve stripped in the Android charger. By attaching the red (negative) wire to the exterior of the cart, it finishes the circuit and supplies energy to the coil of the vape cartridge.

Is It Possible To Hit A Dab Pen With An iPhone Charger?

Of course, using an iPhone charger to charge your vape pen is possible. However, remember that Apple cords have a far more convoluted cabling design than their Android counterparts. 

As a result, most vapers will test this vape battery replacement with an Android charger. To avoid any hazard, it is still preferable to use a specialized charger for your gadget.

Is It Possible To Hit A Vape Cart With A Lighter?

Many users have claimed successfully striking vape cartridges with lighters purchased online, but it is not a practice we endorse. Even if it is feasible to fire the vapor in a cartridge by inserting a flame into its bottom hole, it’s not a wise option. 

Doing so might burn you or contaminate the resultant smoke with heavy metals and other hazardous components. Employing contemporary technology can be a bit complicated for new users, but using flame on a vape cartridge could be truly Stone-age.

What Should I Do If I Lose Your Vape Battery?

If you have a dead battery or you misplace it, you can find an alternative in every town in the US. A 510-threaded vape battery usually costs somewhere between $5 and $50.

A dab pen battery is also available on online shops with express delivery options. The price you pay for vape batteries online is also cheaper with many discounts and coupons. So an online channel is a great consideration.

Is It Possible To Dab A Damaged Cart?

If you mean a vape cartridge with a cracked glass wall, we don’t encourage you to do so. Otherwise, you will inhale the hemp or cannabis concentrates. The mist you breathe in would come with microscopic glass shards, which might significantly harm your respiratory system. 


Vape is now becoming a trend that is very popular with young people. However, not everyone knows how to hit a cart without a battery properly when they face problems with their vape battery. After you read this post, we hope now you can gain useful information and technical know-how to not disrupt your relaxed feeling.