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Why My Power Bank Is Not Charging? – 3 Signs

Last updated: May 15, 2023
Power Bank Is Not Charging

A power bank is undoubtedly useful for anyone on the move, and their mobile phones are out of battery. Yet, have you ever been in the case that your portable charger won’t charge? 

Then, What to do when your power bank not charging? Well, there can be several potential reasons for this issue, and we have mentioned them here. Take a seat and scroll down for further information.  

Why Is My Power Bank Not Charging?

It is a must to consider many different causes to figure out why your power bank stopped working suddenly, which can be from the external or internal side itself. Here are the most common things that you might suffer from:

1. Check The Power Cable

The power cable is the first thing you should check to see if it is fully inserted or not. Sometimes, you may have thought that you had inserted the plug in the charging port properly until it fit the socket, but you did not. That’s why it leads to a loose connection. 

What is more, a faulty connection can happen similarly between the power connector and the backup charging devices. Hence, remember to check this cable all the time. 

2. Try Charging With Another Power Cable

Of course, there will be another possibility in case of an adequate connection, but your power bank still does not work. We are afraid the power cable has been damaged or decreased in quality over time. 

These products cannot ensure the charging rate is the same as the original ones so you can replace it with another cable. If the new cable can support fast charging technology for your mobile phone, it means that you should discard the old cable. 

3. Use A Wall Socket To Charge

Do you charge your backup charging devices through a computer or laptop USB port? Well, this act can be a huge threat to your backup charging device’s quality due to the insufficient electricity output. Specifically, its current is only about 0.5A.

It will be best to use a strong power source, like a wall socket that produces a main electric power, to charge the bank. 

4. Use Another Adaptor

Adaptors can be another reason that you might never expect. Any adaptor that goes faulty after a long time of usage, then affects your charging performance. 

5. Check If Your Power Bank’s Battery Dies

Last but not least, never skip the battery inside your portable chargers. You should pay attention to the LED lights when you connect them to a power source, and the light off is synonymous with a dead battery.

When your case does not fall into any of the above, it’s time for you to dispose of it and contact the manufacturer to buy a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Power Bank Be Repaired?

Power Bank’s Battery Dies

Yes, as long as your portable charger is under warranty. Of course, the manufacturers will check the product carefully to watch for your improper manner of usage. If there is no sign of sabotage, they will repair your bank and even give you a new one. 

How to repair power bank not charging solved

How Long Do Power Banks’ Batteries Last?

The lifespan of a portable charger battery depends on your frequency as well as the usage pattern. Also, the quality of the battery cells and controller circuitry decides how long the bank can last. 

When you buy a good portable charger, you can utilize it for at least three to six months with minimal loss. The 18-month period of usage is for those products not used daily. 

How To Know If A Power Bank Is Damaged?

A damaged portable charger can make the USB socket unstable and wiggle. In another case, you have trouble pushing the power cable into the socket. 

For Many Hours Should I Charge A Power Bank?

We recommend charging a power bank within one to two hours for almost all the power banks. However, the best trick is to consult the instructions of its manufacturer for estimation. Longer than necessary charging time can lead to damage as a result.


In short, it can be your cable, adaptor, battery, or power source. What you need to do is to pay more attention to your portable charger’s battery status carefully to see whether it falls into any case above. But giving it to the manufacturer for inspection should always be your priority. Good luck!

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