PowerALL Soft Reset

If your PowerALL will not fully charge to a sold five (5) blue lights, indicating that the unit is fully charged, your PowerALL may need to have a "soft reset"


To do this, follow the steps below -


First: Plug the PowerALL unit into the wall as-if you were charging it.


Second: once the blue LED lights are flashing in sequence, indicating the unit is charging, press and hold the power button to turn on the flashlight.


Third: Once the flashlight is on, unplug the power cord/charger from the side of the PowerALL (leave the flashlight on)


Fourth: Within 30 seconds of removing the power cord/charger from the side of the unit, press and hold the power button until the flashlight is turned off.


Final step: Plug the unit back into the power cord/charger and let it continue to finish its charging cycle (this could take between 5 minutes to an hour to fully charge).


After the unit is fully charged  all five blue LED lights should be solid. Once you unplug it, give the unit a few seconds to allow the LED lights to shut off. Hopefully this will clear out any errors.

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