Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is POWERALL the #1 Selling brand of Portable Lithium Jump Starters in the World?

A: The POWERALL is the first and original Portable Lithium Jump Starter manufactured and sold in the world. It has Patented Technology and Design that makes it 100% safe to use. All lithium battery cells and components used are of the highest grade and UL certified and approved for safety and backed by the industry’s best warranty. The POWERALL is truly built to a standard and not a price. Experience 100% Full Confidence that when you buy a POWERALL you are truly buying the best!

Q: Will I have to disconnect my battery to jump start my car with the POWERALL?

A: No, you do not have to disconnect anything. Simply connect the RED cable clamp to the positive (+) battery terminal, then connect the BLACK cable clamp to the negative (-) battery terminal, then turn the key and start your car.


Q: What will happen if I forget or do not disconnect the jumper cables from the car battery immediately after the vehicle has started?

A: Absolutely nothing, the POWERALL has professional grade circuit components that protects it 100% against voltage back feed from the vehicle. While other brands require that you immediately disconnect the jumper cables within 10-30 seconds after the vehicle has started. The POWERALL can be safely left connected for up to 30+ minutes without any risk of danger or harm to the vehicle battery or the POWERALL device. The POWERALL is the only product on the market with 100% True Voltage Back-Feed Protection!


Q: What happens if I accidentally touch the cable clamps together or connect it to the car battery backwards (Reverse Polarity)?

A: The Ver. 3.0 jumper cables have a RED error LED that will repeatedly flash and you will hear a continuous audible beeping to alert you of the mistake. No need to worry though, it is perfectly safe and it will not cause sparks. The Ver. 3.0 Cables   have built in circuitry that will prevent power delivery from the POWERALL unit, unless the cables are connected to a car battery correctly. Simply disconnect the cable clamps from the battery and unplug the cable clamps from the POWERALL unit to reset it.

            IMPORTANT NOTE: Only the newest Ver. 3.0 jumper cables have Reverse Polarity Protection. Previous version jumper cables do not have Reverse Polarity Protection and will damage the cables if the clamps are accidentally touched together or if you accidentally connect it to the car battery backwards.

We recommend that if you have an older version jumper cable, please visit our accessories product page to purchase the newest Ver. 3.0 jumper cables for 100% safety. 


Q: How long can the POWERALL hold its charge on standby?

A: Depending on the storage and temperature conditions, in most case it can retain about 50% of its rated capacity for up to one year. However, for absolute optimal performance, and assurance we strongly recommend charging the device at least every 3-6 months, after initial charge to keep it fully charged and ready when you need it for an emergency.

            IMPORTANT NOTE: Different POWERALL models’ standby times will vary.

Q: How do I recharge the POWERALL?

A: The Professional series and Outdoor series products can be recharged by using its included AC home charger or DC 12V car charger. The Executive Travel series can be charged via any USB powered port on an AC charger, Car charger, Laptop, or any other USB powered port can recharge it.

Q: Can I use the POWERALL to recharge my portable electronic devices?

A: Yes. It can recharge any portable electronic device that typically charges via USB, such as, HD action cameras, tablets, music players, handheld gaming devices, wireless speakers and headphones.

Q: How many times can the POWERALL recharge my smartphone or tablet?

A: Depending on the POWERALL device that you own, the amount of times it can recharge your smartphone and tablet will vary, depending on the discharge level of the phone, and the device. Typically a smartphone with a 3,000mAh+ capacity battery will get about 3.5 charges with a full capacity 12,000mAh device.


Q: Why does a single RED LED light up solid when I plug an electronic device into one of the USB ports on the POWERALL?

A: Do not be alarmed, the RED LED is designed to light up solid to indicate that one or both of the USB ports are in use and is perfectly normal.

Q: What kind of vehicles and engine displacements can the POWERALL jump start?


DELUXE 400A / ELEMENT 400A 12V is capable of jump starting single battery vehicles with engine displacements up to 6.4L.

SUPREME 600A 12V is capable of jump starting single battery vehicles with engine displacements up to 7.0L.

GOLIATH 800A 24V is capable of jump starting heavy duty commercial vehicles, transit buses, small planes, and various military transport vehicles. It can only be used on 24V vehicles. We do not recommend using it to jump start your 12V vehicle!.

SLIM PLUS 350A 12V is capable of jump starting single battery vehicles with engine displacements up to 4.4L.

            IMPORTANT NOTE: Depending on temperature and vehicle battery conditions results may vary. If you are unable to jump start your vehicle on the first attempt, please disconnect the cable clamps and try again. If after a few unsuccessful attempts, please check to make sure your vehicle battery, starter, and/or alternator are in optimal working condition. 

Q: Can I use the POWERALL to jump start other types of vehicles?

A: Yes, you use it to jump start multiple types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, RV, boats, motorcycles, ATV, tractors, and jet skis.

Q: Can it jump start a 6V vehicle?

A: No, POWERALL products are designed to be either 12V or 24V. Jump starting a 6V battery could become extremely dangerous and may cause harm to nearby property and personal injury. We do not recommend it!

Q: Is the POWERALL waterproof and recommended for outdoor use?

A: The ELEMENT has an IP65 rating with rubber sealed port covers to protect all USB, 12V, and charging ports from water, dust, sand, and dirt. It can be splashed with water but cannot be submerged into water. It also has a heavy duty rubber bumper around the body for shockproof, which makes it a perfect companion for outdoor activities.

The other models are not IP65 rated, but are still durable for outdoor use, such as camping, hiking, biking, etc.


Q: Can it jump start my vehicle through the 12V cigarette plug?

A: No, it cannot. The included DC 12V cigarette plug charger can only be used to recharge the POWERALL device. (Professional Series and Outdoor Series products only)

Q: Is the POWERALL TSA Friendly and can I take it on an airplane with me for travel?

A: Yes, POWERALL products, except for the GOLIATH 24V model, all meet the safety certifications for safe transport on an airplane in the U.S. Please check with your airline for any special guidelines they may have about transporting lithium devices with carry on and check in luggage. Also, different countries may have different regulations and limitations on the number of lithium devices each person can carry on an airplane.

Q: What is the warranty on the POWERALL?

A: It is a limited one year warranty. Please refer to our product registration and warranty pages for more details. 


Q: Who are Authorized Online Retailers that sell 100% Authentic POWERALL products?

A: There are many fake counterfeit products being sold by 3rd party sellers online through,, and other online marketplaces. These products will many times use our images illegally and the physical product may resemble our products and in some cases may even have “POWERALL” on the product itself. However, the lithium batteries and components used are not of the high quality standard of Authentic POWERALL products. We DO NOT WARRANTY FAKE COUNTERFEIT products!


We only authorize specific online retailers to sell 100% Authentic POWERALL products. Amazon, Crutchfield, Newegg, etc. Always make sure that the product page listing clearly states that it is sold and shipped by the online retailer.

Ex. Authentic POWERALL products listed on Amazon would clearly state that the products are “SHIPS FROM AND SOLD BY AMAZON.COM” and not sold by a 3rd party merchant and simply fulfilled by

If you are unsure or concerned about whether a retailer is selling 100% Authentic POWERALL products, please contact our customer service team for verification or simply purchase directly from us.

Q: Does the POWERALL work on 220V?

A: Yes, the Professional Series and Outdoor Series products include an AC charger with a rated input of 100-240V. The Executive Travel Series products are USB rechargeable and can be used with any USB AC charger in any country.  

Q: How long does the POWERALL take to recharge.

A: Depending on the POWERALL product results may vary. Typically it is around 3-4 hours with the AC and DC chargers. If you are using another charger that is rated below 2 Amps it may take longer. (6 hours at 1A, and 12 hours at 500mA). For more information please refer to owner’s manual.

            IMPORTANT NOTE: If the POWERALL device has been plugged into the AC charger, but the LED indicator lights continue to cycle for more than the typical charging time, simply unplug the AC charger and then plug it back in again to reset it.

Q: Should I charge the POWERALL device before I use it?

A: Yes. It will arrive partially charged. We do recommend that you charge it full to 100% capacity prior to using it to ensure optimal performance.

Q: What type of battery is in the POWERALL?

A: Grade A Lithium-Ion battery cells that are UL certified and approved for safety.

Q: What type of batteries can I use the POWERALL on?

A: It can be safely used on any 12-volt lead-acid battery, such as, Wet, Gel, Maintenance-Free, Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) and AGM.

Q: Can I use the POWERALL to jump start another lithium battery?

A: No. Lithium batteries are sensitive to how current is applied to the battery. Jump starting a lithium battery could become extremely dangerous and may cause harm to nearby property and personal injury.

Q: What is the safe operating temperature of the POWERALL?

A: The POWERALL can be operated in temperature between -20ºF to 130ºF (-29ºC to 54ºC).

Q: Can I recharge the POWERALL in extreme heat?

A: No, the POWERALL should be recharged in temperatures between 32ºF to 104ºF (0ºC to 40ºC). Remove from heat source and allow the battery to cool down before recharging.

Q: Can I leave the POWERALL in direct sunlight inside a car?

A: No, the POWERALL should never be left in direct sunlight, whether in a car, by a window, or outside. The ambient temperature inside a car can increase up to 50ºC (122ºF) within 10 minutes, which will be extremely dangerous and may cause harm to nearby property and personal injury.

Q: If I exceed 80ºC in storage, can it damage the battery inside the POWERALL?

A: Yes, do not ever exceed 80ºC for any reason. It will be extremely dangerous and may cause harm to nearby property and personal injury.

Q: What happens if I use the POWERALL outside the recommended temperature ranges?

A: All POWERALL devices contain thermal sensors that will prevent its use when the device exceeds its operating temperature ranges. It will cause the device to shut off and go into protection mode. When this happens, let the device cool down and simply plug it into the AC charger and into a wall outlet to reset it.